Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Tree

Here is the tree across the street:

Here is the tree down the block:

Here is my tree:

Everyone else on my block has already raked up their leaves and have them sitting out in bags for pick-up. My tree will stay green until the day after the last leaf trash pick-up by the city. Then it will turn yellow and then red in a matter of a day and immediately drop all of its leaves. You have got to admire it's stubborn timing.


Organic Sue said...

Leaves make very good mulch for the Winter. Plus they are free! Then in the Spring, grind them up with a mulching lawnmower (no raking!) for excellent FREE fertilizer.

Anonymous said...

We have a tree like that too. Last one in the neighborhood to turn and loose it's leaves. Turns a beautiful yellow and drops all the leaves in a weeks time. Used to make the neighbor really mad because her yard would be spotless and then our leaves would blow over there in the Nov. wind. So sorry Aline.

Anonymous said...

We have one of those trees too!!!
It always waits until the last week
they are picking up leaves to drop
even one leaf!!!! But it is such a pretty
tree - so we forgive it for this little
fault. That and the tree is next to the
street so raking the leaves into the street
at the last minute is easy to do. LOL


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Such a pretty tree. I miss fall in the US! In morocco the leaves don't change color. We have a lot of palm trees and olive trees, and pine trees.....

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