Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ice Delivery Door - Ready for Business

Strip ice delivery door of it's grayish white, bumpy, lead paint and and repaint. Show metal hinges. Check.

So much for that being a quick little weekend project I could knock out.

I'm thinking about switching the entire house trim to this creamy, light yellow. The current greyish white tends to look dingy with the stucco in its current state.

The search is on for an ice door handle that says "ice" (thank you to Petch House for setting me down this trail, I think). Of course, it will take me a minimum of 3 years of searching to find this......


Josh said...

Looks great. I like that buttery new color. For some reason, I find it particularly tough to choose exterior colors, but I think you've got a winner. Are you envisioning more of a monochrome color scheme for the exterior?

Greg said...

Oops. It's out there. I can feel it in my bones.

The door looks great.

allison said...

The color is perfect and I'm glad all that lead paint is gone. We're in the process of stripping about 12 layers of paint (not lead, thank goodness!) from our woodwork, so I can feel your pain. Good luck finding a handle!

StuccoHouse said...

Josh - The working theory right now is that I'll use the new butter color on the wood trim. The window insets & exterior sashes would be a off white and the storms would remain gray. I'm thinking this will give me some variety, but won't look as dingy as the greyish white.

Greg - I chuckle to think howmuch time 'm going to put in to hunting this down. Of course, once you put the idea in my head, there was no turning back.

Allison - It is a nice feeling to have the old paint gone. Its amazing how much work it is to get that all off. I am thankful that my house is stucco and the only exterior stripping is the wood trim. Now, if I can get the trim arounf my front door sanded & painted before the first snow fall, I'm set until next summer.

Jocelyn said...

nice job- does it still open?

Anonymous said...

Here is a site you might want to try and see if you can find your handle.


StuccoHouse said...

No, the door doesn't open. It was sealed on the outside and patched over on the inside with a sheet of drywall. Probably for weatherproofing & security. But the drywall isn't finished (it's behind ,y refridgerator), so it wouldn't be too hard to pull it off.

I have plans somewhere down the line to replace that drywall with beadboard...and at that time I'll see what's behind there. If it looks do-able, I'll open it up.

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