Friday, October 13, 2006

Down the Drain

I'd much rather be posting pretty pictures of work being done on my kitchen or my storm door being installed. Instead, today I get to post photos of the inside of my sewer. Yea, just my luck.

It finally dawned on me that a sink hole in my yard and drains that were starting to slow were not going to go away. Besides that, snow is coming soon. Lots of it. If my drain was to collapse this winter, it would be ugly. Really, really ugly. I figured it was best to know one way or another what the condition of my 82 year old sewer lateral line actually is.

So, this afternoon I had a local company that has cleaned my sewer line in past years, D.C. Annis, come out and send a camera down my sewer (hey, Mike & Ryan). If it didn't end in me spending a kajillion in replacing my old line, I actually would have enjoyed it. (Well, I kind of did anyway - it was pretty interesting).

Turns out I have roots running the length of my line. At about 45 feet, we ran into a 3/4 block of the pipe and had to stop. This is most likely about the spot where my sink hole has appeared in my front yard. The old drain tile has dipped in a few spots and water is standing. It also looks like it has shifted out of alignment in a few other spots. One section that has dipped is completely submerged in standing water. I could have it cleaned again, but my fear is that it would actually collapse and then I'd have to make an instant replacement.

Anyway, without further ado...for your viewing sewer drain. I've posted the photos from good to bad. I actually have an 8 minute video to view.

Now I suppose the calling for bids can begin.....


Josh said...

So is this the houseblog version of the Katie Couric colonoscopy?

You're smart to have this taken care of at a time of your choosing and when the ground is unfrozen. I've got chronic problems with roots in my sewer, too, so that camera down the drain idea sounds like something I should request for my next service call. Thanks!

ben said...

Be sure to check the distances. Our sewer was blocked up about 200 ft away from the house, and we're only 60 ft from the alley. It took some pressure but the city finally admitted they had paved over a manhole and hadn't cleaned out the main line for our section in several years. Didn't cost us a thing to fix.

StuccoHouse said...

I went out today hoping against hope that the blockage is in the middle of the street. No such luck. The blockage is directly below the sink hole whihc is on the city boulevard, but my responsibility. What makes this even more of a total rip off is that the roots that are causing the problem are from a tree planted by the city ridiculously close to my main water & sewer lines (4 feet or so to the trunk). Who plants a tree that close to water lines??!

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