Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sans Paint

Stripped the paint off of my salvaged wood storm door this afternoon.

It dawned on me while working that the handle must have only been a dummy knob to pull the door shut. There is no mortise cut into the side of the door, just a hole cut through the face of the door. Huh.

I'll have to do a little more detail work and then it will be ready to prime & paint.


Ralph's House said...

I'm so happy for you and your door. It's like jewelry for the house; it gives it that extra bit of historical flavor. Congratulations on your find!

StuccoHouse said...

Yea, I was pretty happy to find this after looking for so long. Here's to hoping it turns out as nice as your salvaged back door!

Carrie said...

Hi! I just found your website this week. I am restoring a 1928 bungalow in Waunakee, WI near Madison. After reading your blog entries about the storm door I went to our salvage place, and guess what?! I got a storm door! I was wondering if you can tell me how you stripped it--chemical or heat? I started to heat strip mine but I can't get it scraped smoothly because of the details. Also, if you need storms and screens yet, please let me know how to contact you about measurements--I have some in my garage from a neighbor's house and they don't fit mine. You'd be welcome to have them.

StuccoHouse said...

Carrie - Thanks for reading! You will have to share some stories of your house. Very cool that you were able to find a wood took me a long time to find one in the right size. I typically use a heat gun and then something like Zinsser's Strip Fast or Zip Strip (the caustic, yet oh-so-effective stuff) to take off the final residue. I lucked out with this door because it only had one coat of paint on it, so I skipped the heat gun....hauled it outside....and used Strip Fast on it.

I'd love to check sized on storms. My email is < owner (at) stuccohouse (dot) net >. One of these days, I'll post it again on my's just I'm not good witht he whole spam thing. It's funny how we haul that stuff home hoping to find it a new owner, huh? :-)

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