Saturday, September 09, 2006

Salvage Success


Look what I scored today. I am pleased as punch.

I was driving down the street and spotted some old windows being replaced in a house on the left hand side of the street. I was thinking to myself what a shame that was and was making a mental note to stop back tomorrow and see if they had any old storms or wavy glass being thrown out. All of a sudden I noticed a garage sale on the right hand side of the street. They had a set of screen windows propped up by a tree.

I pulled over and took measurements. I raced home to get my little card with all of my window measurements (I usually carry this with me, but cleaned out my purse yesterday) on the off chance they would fit some of my windows. I have been looking for salvaged screens & storms for my windows for over 2 years. Anyone that tells you old house windows come in standard sizes is smoking something.

Yippee! They did! I raced back to the house and told the woman I would take all of them. 5 @ 24"x46" and 3 @ 28"x46." $2 each. (note the numbering system carved into the edges)

While I was writing out my check, I got to chatting with the two women that were running the garage sale. They were so nice. Turns out the woman that owned the bungalow was moving to Florida. Her family had built the house we were in front of and also the one next door. She had lived there all of her life. She told me a very cute story about the tree in her front yard, that I will post about another day (I have her permission, but I need to go back and get a photo).

I told her I was restoring my house using old parts and was really excited to get her screens. I also mentioned that she should write down some of the stories she remembers for the next owners of her house. How fun would it be to buy a house and get stories of the house from the original owner?! She is going to talk to her husband to see if they have any of the old storm windows (be still my heart).

Just when you think owning an old house is sucking the life out of you, things turn around :-)


ben said...

SCORE!! What a great find. I think it's interesting that the hangers are on the top corners (ours are inset about 1/4 of the window's width) and the number system - ours have locations like "Kitchen North" carved on the bottom lip. Can you tell what material the screening is? Interesting that it too was painted. Our screens are actually copper wire. Wish I could even just find the screens, I'd build the frames.

Jocelyn said...

Those are really cool looking. The windows in our building were numbered similarly. Good going!

StuccoHouse said...

The screens & storms (I still have 6 sets) on my house use wingnuts to fasten in place, so I'm not sure if I will use the hardware on these or not. If I do, I'll need to hunt down the other half to fasten to the house. I think the woman said her father had made the screens.

I'm not sure what type of metal the screens are made out of. It looks to me like aluminum (if that was around in the 1920s). In unpainted spots it is a matte gray and no rust. My grandma used to paint her screens every few years with a thinned down mix of black paint, so it must have been at least a little common.

I think its cute that these are painted almost the same green as my remaining screens were originally painted. It was *the* color use use in the Twin Cities during the 1920s, I guess.

jm@houseinprogress said...

What a great, great find! I'm still trying to hunt up 6 storm windows so I know the intense excitement when you find these! Storm hangers (same as screen hangers) from Van Dykes. :)

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