Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Peace Offering

Last fall I bought some rather pricey flower bulbs. I spent an entire afternoon carefully planning where they would go and planting them. While I was doing all my digging, my little Evil Squirrel sat on the fence quietly watching me. Moments after I was done and had gone back in the house to clean up, that squirrel dug each and every one of those bulbs up, took a bite out of it and then left them all laying on top of the soil. I was so shocked by the pure evilness of this and all of the time I had wasted, I cried.

This year I am older, wiser and much more jaded. I got three bags of tulip bulbs for free (after rebate) from Menards. I went out to my back garden and spent 30 minutes planting about 36 bulbs. I sprayed a little hot pepper wax around the top soil and waited for the Evil Squirrel to do his work. I figured if he missed at least half of them, I was ok.

So, it was no surprise yesterday when I was out in my side yard working on pulling down the aluminum that out of the corner of my eye I spotted a pile of bulbs laying on top of the mulch. Damn that squirrel, I thought to myself and went to pick them up. I took them to the backyard to replant them. Oddly, none of my planted bulbs had been disturbed - all the soil was untouched.

It seems my little squirrel dug these bulbs up from a neighbor's garden and brought them to me for a peace offering after digging up last year's bulbs, biting the heads off my tulips and chewing up the entire cover of my new compost bin. Or is he just messing with me?....


SmilingJudy said...

Ha! That's too funny! If things get really bad, I've read you can place chicken wire or hardware cloth on top of the bulbs before covering with dirt. Seems like a lot of work to me. But my squirrels are too lazy (or have enough acorns to eat) that they don't bother the bulbs.

derek said...

We have an evil skunk in our yard, he used all the plants from one of the gardens to build his/her nest under the garage. Oh, and he sprayed the neighbours dog twice.

ejk361 said...

I can completely sympathize with you on this. I think you live in the Powderhorn neighborhood right? I lived in Phillips just off Lake and Oakland and had a squirrel that was as evil. After I moved in I evicted them from the eaves of my house, and we had a two year battle with him getting back in and me evicting him; I did finally win. Every time I did any planting, he dug them up. He also bit the heads off my tulips, chewed bulbs, tubers etc. never eating just destroying. I put a large houseplant outside once, and he sheared the top of that off. I called him my inner city squirrel. No amount of chili powder, blood meal etc did anything to deter him. I finally caught him using a live trap. I relocated about six squirrels before getting him. He was the only one that hissed and tried to bite my gloved hand when opening the cage. I escaped unharmed. I released him down by the river, and I swear he turned and ran in the direction of my house. I never did see him again though. Good luck!!!

Allison said...

You can't trust squirrels. I suspect treachery. It's probably a homing beacon of some sort. When you plant them, it will activate a homing beacon calling vast legions of squirrels to your backyard. Don't say I didn't warn you.

StuccoHouse said...

This squirrel has no "but I was hungry" excuses. There are two huge oak trees that shower him with acorns every year. Martha Stewart had an article about creating little wire boxes for bulbs in her Living mag this month. It just seems like SO much work...when I have so many other things to get done.

An evil skunk. I guess I should count my blessings.

ejk, I think your squirrel has relocated to my back yard :-)

I also suspect trechery. No living thing could do so much evil "mistakenly."

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