Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moving Day

It looks like I have a new neighbor. I woke up this morning to a big hubbub across the street from my house. I looked out the window to see a guy in pick up truck removing the "For Sale" sign. Later a Local Motion moving truck was parked out front for a total of 15 minutes (who has that little stuff?). I don't think a "Sold" sign was ever posted, so this was a bit of a surprise. But tonight there is a warm glow of lights...and presumably someone trying to figure out which moving box contains the toothpaste, the towels, and the tp.

Yesterday when I went out to grab some lunch, there was a guy waiting outside the house. I figured it was someone waiting for their realtor to tour the house. But he was a little more excited than most of the house shoppers I have seen over there. Even though I was all the way across the street, I could tell he was anxious to get inside the house.....he was pacing....looking in the windows.....standing out on the sidewalk and looking up at the house. Then he spotted me and we exchanged "hellos." In hindsight, this had to have been the new owner excited to do his final walk through.

This house was flipped. And even though I'm usually not impressed by flippers, I have to admit they did a pretty good job. They moved pretty quick on their work - one day I left for lunch and the house was mint green....when I came home from lunch it was nice, warm brown. It turned out cute. If the house sold for what they were asking, they made a bundle too.

The people that owned that house when I moved into mine can I say this.....a few problems. Shortly after buying my house a friend and I were sitting out on my front doorstep. All of a sudden he says "is that gang graffiti on that house across the street that has been partially scrubbed off?" Now I was never able to confirm one way or another, but it wouldn't have surprised me. The police were no strangers to the house and I think the block breathed a collective sigh of relief when the house was finally sold.

So, that was today's big excitement at StuccoHouse.


Patricia W said...

That sounds a lot like my house. It was a 2-unit rental owned by a slum-lord. The people that inhabited the house were drunks and always were having some sort of problem. I guess they used to sit on the front porch and drink their beer. Lovely sight. This is a really nice neighborhood and it was my house that gave everyone the willies so when it sold and unbecame a rental, the neighbors celebrated. Houses aren't selling very quickly these days, I'm glad the house sold.

Josh said...

A former "problem house" on our block just sold recently, too. Looks like a group of recent college grad guys will be living there. The first day in the house they mowed the grass that had grown nearly knee-high after a weeks of neglect, so I like them already.

May all your new neighbors be good neighbors.

Kim said...

I just found your blog and have so enjoyed my visit! I love your "stucco house"! I live in a 1922 cottage/bungalow in Florida.

JoAyn said...

I also just found your site and have been enjoying the stories and pictures. I bought a 1928 two story stucco in 2000 in Maplewood MN and though I'm not into "restoring" it, it has been an interesting seven years just keeping up with re-dos, do overs and should have done in the first places. Some of the upgrades by previous owners were done badly and presumably as cheep as possible. I love the beautiful woodwork but had to replace the windows last year as the originals were falling apart and very energy inefficient. I had some electric redone and added to the basement (loved the story of finding the basement light). I wish I could do more myself, but my worst nightmare is tearing something apart and having to hire someone to fix it when I discover I have no idea what to do next. ie..fixing the plaster and lath wall in the bathroom that got ruined due to an undiscovered water leak. I have great respect for people who can pretty much do it all. I wish my own talents existed in a more useful realm. maybe you can inspire me. Ill be watching.

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