Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Long Overdue

Okay, time to bring you up to speed on my front door overhang project. I am the first to admit that my progress has been slow. My strategy was to break the project down into a series of smaller projects and work through it that way - mostly to keep myself from freaking out. This has resulted in me getting to the primed portion on some sections of the overhang while I am at the epoxy portion on other sections. It may not be the most logical approach, but it does seem to be working ok.

Today we will focus on the left hand corner of the overhang.

Here is what the overhang looked like covered in aluminum. This photo does not fully capture the crappiness of that aluminum in all of its glory.

Here is what the corner looked like immediately after the aluminum was pulled down. Note the little piece of wood that runs vertically underneath the overhang curve on the far right hand side of the photo. This little board was nailed up there to keep the rotted pieces of that board from falling apart. The corners were orignally mitered and sections of wood were being held in place by sheer will and rusty 80 year old nail stubs. There was a moment of "what have I done" when I saw this.

Next, we find the overhang after I stripped off all of the old paint and sanded. Surprisingly, much of the wood was on okay condition.

At this point, the project got a little boring. There were a lot of steps, but the overhang changed little in appearance. I put on a coat of LiquidWood on anything that look/felt like rot. In high humidity, this took just under a week to cure. I followed this up with a two coats of BoraCare to address the carpenter ants I saw when I first removed the aluminum. I had to leave this to dry for 48 hours after each coating. Then I repaired the corner using WoodEpox. The white portions on the photo are where I used the WoodEpox to rebuild the rotted wood. I sanded the epoxy into shape and then caulked all of the joints.

Finally, time to prime. I'm pretty happy (and very surprised) with how it has been turning out.

My next update will cover the rebuilding of the quite rotted right hand side bracket and missing fascia board. Once this is done, I can repaint the entire thing (including newly stripped brackets).

I'm now (somewhat frantically) trying to hunt down someone to pull off the old, ineffective drip edge (don't you love how they snipped it to fit the overhang curve) and install two rows of shingles just on the overhang edge (that part of the roof is membrane). I tried and I'm not strong anough to rip that down by myself and I have no desire to climb up on that part of the roof. None whatsoever. I've put this off for too long and now I've realized I need to hop to it before snow starts falling.

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