Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Case of The Disappearing Cutting Board

When I first moved into my house, it dawned on me that using a 1924 wood cutting board was kind of disgusting. Who had cut what on that board over all of those years?

So, I pulled out my undercabinet board and brought it to my basement workshop (I use that term loosely). I used a bleach solution to kill any germs. Then I sanded the board down smooth. It actually looked almost new. As the final step I loaded it up with food grade mineral oil. I let the oil sink in for a few weeks. Pretty typical cutting board maintenance. But, then I made my fateful error.

I brought the board back upstairs to the kitchen and slid it back into its little undercabinet slot.

The oil in the wood must have continued to expand the wood and now I can't pull out that cutting board for the life of me. I have tried everything I can think of. I've pulled. I've wiggled. I've tried to free it from the shelf area underneath it. I've solicited guests to my house, stronger than me, to try. It wiggles a bit. It does not pull out. Of course the minute you do not have your handy little pull out cutting board, it is the only thing in the kitchen that you need.



ben said...

pull out the drawers underneath it, crawl inside the cabinet and use a pry bar against the back of the board.
You may also find screws or nails that hold the runners in place. Loosen the runners and the board should move.

Ralph's House said...

If you can ever pry it out and make it functional again, you can wax the contact edges of the board and runners with a paraffin block or candle- I do it with all our drawers- and everything slides much easier. Good luck!

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