Monday, September 25, 2006

Bit by Bit

Got bored today while waiting for a second coat of primer to dry on my front door overhang and caulking to dry on my ice delivery door. So, I pulled down the aluminum soffit trim on my built in buffet "bump out." I'm not sure what gets into me that I'm compelled to do these things spur of the moment. As if I didn't have enough projects in the works.

The rafter tails have been cut, the fascia has been replaced with a 1x4, and the paint needs to be stripped, but all-in-all pretty good condition (thank heavens). I never thought I'd say this, but kudos to the guys that put up that aluminum. They didn't nail into stucco, they did minimal wood cutting, they did not hack off woodwork to get the aluminum to wrap, they didn't use a zillion nails. Although for the life of me I'll never figure out why they wrapped these houses in aluminum when all they needed was some minor painting.

I know it's just my imagination, but it just seems the house can breath better with every piece of aluminum that gets removed.

1 comment:

merideth said...

it really is amazing the number of projects that get started while one is waiting on another i love that you have an ice delivery door

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