Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oogling Bungalows

A few weeks ago, I recieved an email from Steve, one of StuccoHouse's readers. His girlfriend was visiting from Texas and he wondering if I had any suggestions on places to view bungalows in Minneapolis. (Hi, Terri & Steve!)

There is one street in Minneapolis that is my favorite for flat out oogling of bungalows (and tudors). These are not the biggest, most expensive houses in town. These are small houses that were, for the most part, originally built for people that worked in the local mills & river in the early 1920's. Many of the houses here had wood and designs supplied by local lumberyards. Rarely are two houses built alike.

For some reason, the smaller houses here have more details than any of the larger, much more expensive houses located in the tonier parts of town. They have the cool mailboxes, rafter tails, wavy glass, old style storm windows, beadboard soffits, decorative brackets, etc. The streets still have many of the old elm trees that form an archway down the avenue. And then there are the vintage style gardens......

If you are interested, here's are the directions I sent to Terri & Steve......

The route crosses neighborhood boundries, so I've linked to two maps. You will want to download Howe & Cooper.

Howe neighborhood is to the south and runs into Cooper neighborhood to the north. These neighborhoods are SE Minneapolis right by the Mississippi River. The bungalows are really nice on this route and so are the summer & fall gardens. I usually walk it - the houses are close enough to the sidewalk that you can get a really good look on foot. Directions are easy. Start at Either Dowling or 38th Street & 46thAvenue. Start walking north. Both sides of the street are FILLED with bungalows & tudors dating from the 1910 to 1930s. You will hit LakeStreet to the North.....cross Lake Str. and continue up a block or so (the houses across Lake get a bit larger). Then walk West to 45th Avenue and down 45th Ave making a loop back to your start. I'd take any house on this route (except the MN Vikings house - you'll know it when you see it). In case you get hungry......On Lake Street are the Craftsman Restaurant, DQ and Longfellow Grill. To the South is Minnehaha Falls - also Sea Salt Restaurant. (Links to the restaurants in The Neighborhood section of the sidebar)

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