Monday, August 28, 2006

Ice Delivery Door

This past weekend I wanted a smallish project that I could pretty much finish in a couple of days. So, I stripped the ice delivery door on the side of my house.

One of the POs painted the entire house with some thick paint/cement concoction. I'm not quite sure when this happened. I know the PO three owners back painted the stucco (sigh). But, it seems to me that under the thick stuff there is only one other layer of paint. This stuff has the texture of an orange peel. It is probably the precurser to liquid vinyl siding and was, no doubt, sold by a door to door salesman. Lucky me.

When I say "entire house"...I mean everything. They removed the storms, shut all the windows, taped the glass and spray (yes, spray) painted all of the stucco and all of the woodwork....even the gutter downspouts.....with this goop. Every inch.

It's kind of a good news/bad news type thing - the stuff comes off in thick, big chips. It looks like crap when it falls off, but it is pretty easy to strip. When I first moved into my house, I put primer in some of the spots where this stuff had chipped off and left bare wood just to protect it until I had a chance to repaint (the white left on the ice door is primer from when I first moved in). Now, little by little as I restore the windows, the front overhang, and the ice door......I've been removing this goop down to bare wood.

Of course, today it's raining so I can't prime and paint. Photos of the repainted door hopefully will be coming later this week.

I also am planning on putting a little (non-functioning) opening knob back on. But, I have no idea what would have been there originally. Ideas? A little, vintage glass knob?




merideth said...

oh yeah. i know that gunk well...i stripped it off the wood posts of our front porch...glecch!

but ice delivery door? i had no idea such a thing existed...very cool

Greg said...

I see a couple of houses in town with that stuff on it. One of them is the family home of someone I work with. He said the stuff his Dad had put on their house was sold through Montgomery Wards. And, yea, ice door - that is cool. I’m picturing a white porcelain knob with the word “Pull” or “Turn” on it, or maybe “Ice”.

StuccoHouse said...

Curses on whomever invented that stuff and marketed it as an appropriate cover for both stucco and wood. Curses.

Yea, the ice door is kind of cool. My house is the only one on the block (that I can tell) has one - I think 1924 was kind of late, as electrical refrigeration was well on it's way. Maybe the builders of my house thought electrical refrigerators were a passing fad :-)

I wish I had a clearer picture of how they actually worked. As near as I can tell the ice guy opened the door and there was the back of the ice box and he slide the ice in. The outside door is kind of high; I'm not sure I would have wanted to be the one hoisting that ice up. I do know that in winter, they sometimes left the little exterior door open to save on ice costs.

The pass-through has long since been covered (poorly) on the inside. There is a tiny little voice in my head that I really need to squelch that thinks it would be cool to have an operational door (or at least the interior restored, but maybe not openable).

Ah, a knob that says "ice." Is this going to become my new Holy Grail salvage search item?

derek said...

some of the houses around here have vents for the ice box. One up high, and one low. It's more like a cold closet I guess, when the temp is cold enough outside, that you don't need ice. I think our house may have it, and it was built in 1928, it's buried under the stucco.

JoAyn said...

I don't have an ice door that I know of, but i have a strange indented area behind the back door off the kitchen that I never knew what it was till a little old furniture repair man told me it was where the original ice box would have gone. Since the kitchen was CLEARLY missing a probable refrigerator spot (sits pretty much in the middle of the kitchen) I have to go with that idea. Why in 80 years no one updated the kitchen to include a built in spot for the frig is beyond my. I wish I could afford it, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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