Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Smoking Gun

My day was a little like one of those tv crime shows that starts off with a close up of a dead body and then the camera pans out to show a person standing, looking dazed, covered in blood and holding a gun. When the detectives arrive, the person can barely remember what happened.

I started off today priming the replacement piece of beadboard I bought for my front door overhang. Then I went outside to caulk the cracks between the old pieces of exisiting beadboard under the eaves. I then vaugely remember noticing the allegatoring of the paint on the trim surrounding my front door and thinking to myself I really should take care of that. Hours later I found myself surrounded by paint chips and holding a smoking heat gun.

The day started out like this:

It went to this where I found old yellow paint and some strange red paint. Then noticed that the red paint was on a loose fitting piece of plywood held in place by caulk:

When the caulk was removed and the plywood pulled out I found some relatively new foam insulation boards. Behind the insulation, I discovered this decorative board with only one layer of the original paint. On the sides are little ridges for a storm window just like the window above it.


Greg said...

Cool find. That’s sort of what happened in my dining room. I accidentally scrapped some paint off one the panels on the wainscoting……and 3 months later it was all stripped.

Jocelyn said...

You are just so forensic files lately- good for you! I just love restoring old wood and trim- maybe it's all the vitamin D I got today working outside- it isn't the fumes because I was not stripping wood- but I feel really satisfied after working on wood trim for 6 hours... :)

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