Friday, July 07, 2006

Boredom Speaks

There is a cute commercial running on the radio. It's for a local shopping mall, I think. They are urging parents to bring their children to the mall to meet their favorite cartoon characters. The ad warns parents to keep their kids busy this summer. Because, the ad says, ...."Boredom speaks to children. It says things like 'wouldn't it be fun to color on the wall with mommy's permanent markers?.........or 'spit the pudding out through your teeth - extra points if you hit the dog...'" The ad always gives me a chuckle.

Turns out Boredom also speaks to adults.

It says things like: "I wonder what is under that aluminum trim." "How bad could the wood under there be?" "How much fun would it be to just peek under there?"

This was totally not part of the plan. Absolutely not part of the budget. It's just that Boredom was speaking really, really loudly.....



The wood on the arch is good. The old paint actually falls off. I think I can get the old paint off, sand, prime & paint that. However, the 2x6 on the right end is pure is the top of the bracket. And isn't the drip edge suppose to extend out from the roof a bit?

Tomorrow I will pull down the aluminum soffit on the right side of the overhang under the rotted board and look under there. I have a fear that there is a hole directly into my attic.....but I am hoping there is wood beadboard like under the eaves. I think I might be able to replace the 2x6 by myself....however this will take every iota of my skill. I'm not quite sure how I will get to the top side of the bracket, but I think this may be fixed by wood consolidator and two part epoxy. I have used this on my storm windows with good success.

The plan is to then pull down all of the remaining aluminum on the overhang without disturbing the aluminum and soffits on the eaves on the rest of the house. This is tricky because the left hand side of the overhang kind of runs into the eaves on the side of the house. I'm not sure how this will work on the 2x6 on the left side.....maybe pull it down in front and caulk/nail the aluminum down at the corner. Eventually, I would like to pull down all of the aluminum, but that is a can of worms I can't deal with right now.

Any advice welcome.


Josh said...

This sounds like a dangerous commercial-- I'd better keep my radio on MPR. Thank goodness the pledge drive is over!

Jocelyn said...

oh boy- it is better to know though than not. We are desling with someuncovered maintenance deferred since our roof has been torn off- the shelf around the roof is deteriorated.

and yes, the gutter should extend a bit off the roof I believe. I'll ask Steve if he has any advice if I can get his atention- he's extremely focused (read obsessed) with the tuckpointing on our roof right now.

I really admire people who deal with frame homes because it is a whole different can o' worms- but then they are so beautiful and incredibly homey when restored.

StuccoHouse said...

Jocelyn - "Can of Worms" certianly describes it :-) I'd appeciate any advice Steve can offer, but I certianly understand his focus right now.

Josh - The thing about doesn't need a radio ;-)

Mike said...

About the only other thing I can add is that I've had good success rebuilding rotten spots with Bondo. Just the plain automotive stuff, it is a two part system and it is available everywhere. My other advice would be to hit any solid wood with wood hardener before priming, especially end grain pieces. I also recommend priming the back side of any new pieces that you put up, before they are nailed in.

My last advice is that I have run across boards that really look bad at first only to happily discover that after sanding 1/8 of an inch off the face you hit new wood, which is much better than putting up new pieces. Good Luck!

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - Thanks for the good advice! I had though about using Bondo (becuase it is priced better), but I've never used it before. So, I ended up sticking with the epoxy because I'm familiar with it. I'll have to try Bondo in the future.

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