Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Walk Down Memory Lane

I was browsing through the MLS realty listing (I do it periodically to keep up on property prices) and spotted an address that looked familiar. It was that of the first non-college apartment that I lived in. The building has turned condo and a few remaining units are listed.

For those from the Twin Cities, this building was one of the original 1920's apartment buildings directly on the west shores of Lake Harriet. It stood across the street from the trolly stand and the band shelter. On a summer's day I could open the windows to my apartment and hear the concerts going on at the lake. We used to sit out on the front porch and grill and people watch. I rollerbladed & biked daily around the lake....in the winter we skated at the lake rink across the street. My friends just about killed me when I decided to move.

I think my actual unit is listed (no photos). It says the studio was 475 sq ft. There are photos of the first floor unit's original kitchen, wood floors, & dressing room very similar, but a bit smaller than mine. The studios originally had a Murphy bed that swung down out of the dressing room and into the living room. My unit was original with the exception of the stove that was replaced in the 1950's. It had an entryway, a tiny dining room, kitchen, livingroom/bedroom, walk in closet (I loved that) and rather large bathroom. There was also an original, freestanding armoir in the dressing room that held all of my clothes. Amazing all that fit into that tiny sq footage. Even more amazing that I could fit all of my stuff into that space and now feel crowded with 1400 sq ft. Yowsa, looks like "my" unit is selling for $190k which is high even for that area!

Also of interest, if you are from this area are the condos that went into the old Sears Building off of Lake Street. I remember shopping in that store when I was little. They made fresh bread and popcorn at a little sand when you walked in the door off the parking lot. We always used to bring a loaf of that bread home. Nice to see the building being put back into use after sitting empty for so long.


Elisabeth said...

Oooh, my very first post-college apartment, on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, had Murphy beds (two of them!) that folded out of the wall.

It was the tiniest studio apartment! If the beds were out of the closet, there wasn't adequate space to walk through the room -- it was the living/dining room as well as bedroom.

You walked through the closet (with built-in bureau) to get to the bathroom.

It was so tiny, but what a great place to have as a first home. It got torn down in the early 90's, and turned into an office tower. Sigh.

StuccoHouse said...

The murphy bed in my apartment was non-operational by the time I rented, but it was a fairly complex set up. The bed was hidden against a wall in the dressing room. The dressing room has two swing open doors and was the enrtyway to the bathroom. The dressing room had a build-in dresser. The bed actually swing down over the top of the dresser and made a right angle through the two doors and into the livingroom. The built-in dresser became the headboard. The ingenuity was pretty impressive - although I wonder how many people had a brush with death as they tried to open that thing nightly.

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