Friday, June 09, 2006

New Front Step

What had me up at 5:30 this morning (I am not a morning person) and feeling as giddy as a kid before Santa arrives?

The Concrete Guy is here!

I didn't want to post anything before they actually knocked on my door ready to work, lest I jinx something. But they arrived promptly at 6:30 and started removing the old stuff. I'm hoping my neighbors will overlook the 7am jackhammer :-) They are replacing an old front step and adding a sidewalk to the side of my house where one had been removed and replaced with woodchips & ferns by the PO.

I was up at midnight last night priming the ceder board that I will use between the threshold and the new step. I'm not sure what my problem's not like I didn't have a month to make sure that was done. But, luckily it dried and is ready for them to install once they are done.

I don't want to be too much of a geek out there with my camera photoing the progress, but I'll try to sneak out at lunchtime and take a few shots. I actually wish I could just pull up a lawn chair and watch them. It is more exciting than anything I have planned today (now that I type that it seems kind of sad, no?) But, I am that excited about this.

I had to chuckle because they were concerned about killing the ferns growing on the side of my house. I think a PO planted them to absorb some of the water falling off the roof to prevent it from going into the basement. At any rate, they were waist high at this point. These ferns can not be killed. They cut them down to the ground this morning to work and I would bet money on the ferns reappearing next week.

I think I might be rambling and desperately need to go get an iced latte to focus my tired brain. Of course, a follow up post will be coming shortly.

Yeah, they are actually here!


Mike said...

I'm glad to hear it is finally progressing. I've been watching this, as replacing a concrete step and a lot of sidewalk is looming in our future. Good Luck!

kk said...

I hope the weather doesn't screw anything up. (*knock on wood*)

Anonymous said...

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Greg said...

This has been a long time coming. I'm happy for you but it reminds me that I need to replace the sidewalk on the side of the house. Ugh!

Gary said...

Definitly a STEP in the right direction!

StuccoHouse said...

The weather did hold out! We were scheduled for big thunderstorms in the afternoon. They finished work about 1:30 and covered the whole thing with plastic. Our worry was that it would rain hard and water off the roof would dent the surface of the sidewalk. Turns out the cool, damp weather (sans rain) was perfect curing weather - it doesn't dry out so fast and builds strength. So, all ended well!

Hey, if any readers use virtual paint or design tools...Sara at the WSJ asked that I steer you her way. Drop her an email!

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