Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ice Cream Social

Tonight I attended our block club's ice cream social. If you remember, last fall I skipped the pot luck picnic for whatever reason and hung out like a fugitive in my darkened house. I think it's just making myself walk over there that is the problem. Silly, I know. I can be pretty shy, but once in a crowd I'm kind of a chatty soul. I always have fun.

Turn out was pretty good. About 1/3 of the houses were represented - mostly on my end of the block. I met a bunch of the "long timers" that up to this point I only saw in passing as we walked out to our cars. I also learned some of the neighborhood "gossip/history"....which, of course, I love :-)

And, yes, everyone heard the concrete guys' jackhammer at 7am when they were putting in my front step. So, I issued an offical apology.

I actually ended up staying at the "social" for 2 hours. It's a big city, so I figure it's always nice to meet a few more friendly faces.


Kristin said...

Sounds fun! Hmmm, we should have one of those. Any excuse to have ice cream!

I can totally understand what you mean about motivating yourself to just go over there. I'm a reporter, and every time I have to call someone for an interview, I procrastinate b/c I dread making that connection. But once it's made, I'm Chatty McChatter.

StuccoHouse said...

It ws fun. I have since been waving & chatting with some of the new people I met. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that is a bit shy going to these things.

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