Saturday, June 03, 2006

Deco Sink Fixture

After purchasing my new sink(s), I have been spending some time tracking down a new faucet (if I don't decide to keep the original.....and depending on which sink I decide to use).

I noticed a few other Housebloggers are also trying to track down the oh-so-cool new LeFroy Brooks Bel Air bathroom sink set. I figure if we pool what we know, maybe one of us can track down a source. (Photo curtesy of the company promo. lit)

Here's what I have discovered. The set is $1650 (gasp). It is part of a new line by Lefroy Brooks.

They are designed after the 1930's Streamline through the 1950's era car hood ornaments. Bel Air, of course, is an old Chevy. The faucet spigot looks very 1930's while the fins span from the 30's to the 50's. Clever company to target a broad range of homeowners ;-)

(I can also tell old 1930's era Chevy's by their headlights - an odd skill, picked up from hanging around a car junkie, that sometimes comes in handy.)

Word has it that the company also has a new line of pastel colored bathroom fixtures (sink, etc.) to complement the hardware. I assume this is what you see in their photo. Company phone: 718-302-5292.

Very cool. So cool, I actually would consider laying down that chunk of change, I think. I also have a $800 laundry chute cover on my list.....


jm@houseinprogress said...

We actually were able to view the Lefroy Brooks line up close and personal at K/BIS. Very sleek :) But, yes, VERY pricey!

StuccoHouse said...

Not sure why companies do this: release the info. for their new products at all the trade shows, design/new products websites, and all the magazines......and then not release the actually product for months. This one is suspposed to be "officially" released in Sept. Irritating. Of course, by then I am sure I will have come to my senses :-)

Anonymous said...

56 bel air

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