Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Up Against the Wall

I found a new wall sink for my bathroom last week. A few of the local salvage places keep a pretty good supply, and one day last week I just decided to go get one. This way, it will be ready when I finally get around to working on the bathroom again.

Once upon a time, my house had a wall sink in the bathroom. At some point it was removed and a new sink was installed. The sink in my bathroom now is the $29 (I kid you not) model from Menards. It is a fine, two piece unit. Essentially a very shallow wall sink and a slide in platform.

It has taken to spontaneously cracking. You will be standing there brushing your teeth and all of a sudden you will hear a popping noise and a new crack will appear.

I really can't blame it. If I had been jacked up on this lovely wood platform, I'd probably spontaneously crack too.

I'm not sure what the thought process was on that. They wanted the sink higher but didn't want to raise the pipe and putting the sink on a little wood platform seemed the perfect solution? For some reason, it humors me that they took the time to sand the edges of that little plaform....and thought it would be there long enough that they needed to use pressure treated wood. I dunno. Why not just leave the sink an inch lower?

There were two sinks with possibility at the salvage place. Here is the one I bought for $45. It is an American Standard. It's actually smaller in dimension than my existing sink, yet the sink itself is larger. It is in excellent shape and cleaned up very well. The only drawback is that the faucet will need to be a 4" spread. For whatever reason, I seem to be drawn to the widespread faucets. It also does not have a backsplash, but it does have a cute little soap indentation and room for my "stuff."

Here was the runner up. I still have a voice in my head that is telling me that I should run back and get this one too. Just in case. It has a nifty little backsplash and an 8" spread for the faucet. Right now it has the separate hot & cold faucets, but it does have a center hole that runs all the way through. I checked. If its still there, I can get it for $15. I probably will go back and get it....I don't want this to be one of those "why didn't I...." things. Its not like one more thing stored in my basement is going to make a huge difference. Then in the end, I can donate whichever one I don't use back to the salvage place. I think I may be overthinking this.

I was a little concerned at first that when the P.O. tore out the plaster and drywalled the bathroom, they would have taken out the supports for the old wall sink. I was thinking that we would have to cut out the drywall and check and possibly add extra support. Patching drywall is not my thing. I was also wondering where in the heck I would find wall brackets.

Not a big thing once I got to considering it as I (by "I", I mean my plumber) will be replacing the existing pipe (it's truly gross) and moving it up an few inches and over a few inches. I'll also be pulling out the awful 1980's medicine cabinet and putting in the vintage one I found last summer. So, that wall is gonna be pretty much open whether I like it or not. As luck would have it, when I looked under the existing sink I realized it is a wall sink and is bracketed to the wall.

Now I need to hunt down those spiffy chrome wall sink legs.....


Mike said...

I think you'll be happier with the second one, but either would be good! I don't think you need the chrome legs however, it seems the bathroom is pretty narrow and having it open under the sink makes a good place for the wastebasket!

Aaron said...

I installed that 29 dollar sink from menards in a house we were throwing on the market several years ago. It was a piece of junk-glad to see you found something much nicer to replace it with. They probably put the wood under there to repel carpenter ants :)

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - I'm pretty sure you are right. I just needed to hear it from someone else. For some reason I pictured the first sink with chrome legs...and the second one without. You are correct, that bathroom is tres narrow. Thanks for the advice! the way, I have been following your bathroom redo - I got motivated with this whole sink thing when I saw photos of you opening your wall & moving pipes.

Aaron - Lol..after mice, I think carpenter ants would send me over the edge :)

Anonymous said...

I have been hunting Google for the past 4 weeks for ANYTHING on chrome sink legs for a ca. 1955 American Standard console sink. There are so many sinks of this type out there at salvage yards, but it seems like they never save the chrome legs that go with them? Does anyone know where I can find them (even reproductions would be great at this point!). Thanks!

StuccoHouse said...

Anon - Someone gave me this link a while back.

Another idea if you are in the Twin Cities is to give Frank Plumbing a call. I have a link to their info. in the left side bar.

Hope this helps!

StuccoHouse said...

For some reason the whole link doesn't show in the comments view. The website is and the product # is 3949.

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