Monday, May 08, 2006

Thrill of the Hunt

I think that part of the fun in restoring a house using vintage parts whenever possible is that life becomes like a big scavenger hunt.

I have an ever growing list of things I am trying to hunt down. I carry a little card with measurements for my front door, bathroom sink, storm windows, kitchen cabinets, sash pulley sizes, needed light fixtures.... Whenever I have an hour to kill, I try to make a quick swoop through one of the local salvage places.

This past Sat. I made one of those swoops through one of my regular spots......and in the back eyed a box full of "shortie" wood floor boards. I went back to investigate and discovered that they were 1.5" maple boards.

Yahoo! I've been looking for a few replacement boards for my two lower level bedrooms. Somewhere along the line, a previous owner though it would be a good idea to cut through the wood floors and install two outdoor outlets in each bedrooms (file that under "what were they thinking?")

I did a huge bunch of patching to the oak floors in my living room and & dining room when I first moved into my house 4 yrs ago (I'll blog about it one of these days). Oak is easy patch as you can easily get new/old wood and match it to the existing with stain or just a finish. Maple is another story. It develops a "toasted marshmallow" patina to it over time that is virtually impossible to replicate.

The cool thing about these boards is that they have a finish almost identical to my existing floors. I can make the patch and they will blend in immediately. The plan is to screen & coat these floors one of these days.

Total cost for 15 boards. $0.60.

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