Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ode to the Door-to-Door Salesman


A door-to-door salesman knocked loudly on my front door

during the American Idol results show

to tell me about his plan to pull out my original windows

and replace them with his fine vinyl windows.

Not a good idea.


Patricia W said...

I was looking through ebay last night and came across someone who was selling all of the windows out of a Sears kit house with a starting bit of $1. The seller also stated that he had all kinds of hardware he'd like to get rid of from the same house. What is wrong with people?

BTW how is the spray-on vinyl siding????? ;)

StuccoHouse said...

How could you know you have a Sears kits home and still pull out all the windows/hardware? I'll never figure that out.

My neighborhood seems to get these door-to-door guys that want to rip out old windows. There are many elderly and some other just-rundown houses and I suppose they think they have a market here. I guess they must, or they wouldn't do it. Who hires a contractor that knocks on their door?

One of these days, I'll take my camera with me on a walk and take some shots of houses where they pulled out the old windows and replaced them with poor quality stock sizes. It's rampant.

Lol....I had to laugh a bit and think this guy ruining my American Idol watching was payback for my April Fools "spray on siding" joke post ;-) Karma, huh?

merideth said...

run! run from the vinyl windows!!

ps...i could you KNOW you have a sears kit house and tear out the windows?! that hurts me in my soul

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