Friday, May 12, 2006

A New Addiction

Cold (41 degrees) and rainy day here. Generally crappie. However, this did not stop us from hitting the Friends School Plant Sale at the State Fair Grandstand.

When all was said and done, I had a cart of $105 worth of new plants for my gardens!

I have 4 types of heirloon tomatoes, 2 Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, 1 Brandywine heirloom tomato. I also picked up two varieties of Rosemary.

I decided I wanted to try a few funky things in my vegetable garden this year, so I picked up some Cuke-Nuts (small cucumbers) and Ground Cherries. The rest of my garden will be from seed.

In the Bare Root Lily section, I found some pink Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts (last year they sold out before I got there). I picked up some Lily of the Valley to add to my current collection. And I also picked up some Blazing Star - which just looked pretty on the posters.

In the Rose section, I purchased a Baron Prevost "old fashioned" rose bush. The flowers are pink and they tell me it will smell great. It will be planted on the side of my house.

I purchase two Climbers. A Cup & Saucer and a Honey Suckle Trumpet. Both of these are slated for my backyard and were chosen purely by the photos posted above the plants....and the promise that they will bloom until first frost.

Who knew I needed a ChokeCherry - Glossy Black bush? Well, turns out after reading that this bush will fill with small white flowers and then berries that I can pick and make into jam......I needed one. It is destined for my side yard along the fence where I can't get grass to grow anyway.

Then for garden at the back of the house, I picked up an Orchid Lights Azelea. I figure this will be in full bloom and then be followed by my Peony flowers (that I bought as roots last fall).

Finally, I purchased some Moss Roses for my front window boxes. Hopefully, they will fill in and bloom as a mass, so they look pretty from the street.

This should take care of my "investment" perennials. I can now see why some people take their plants when they sell their house - my peonies & rose are going with me if I ever sell. Next year, I will probably only need to pick up a few items to fill in bare spots.

I certainly can see how this garden thing can be addicting!


Josh said...

Nice haul! I'll be interested to read the follow up about how delicious the brandywine heirloom tomatoes are. They were sold out of those by the time I got to the sale around 9:30 this morning, so I had to substitute something else.

It was my first time at the plant sale and I thought it was great. The prices were good and it wasn't as crowded as I feared. Thanks again for the recommendation.

StuccoHouse said...

Yea, the heirloom tomatoes go fast! I did get both yellow & red brandywine last year and really liked the taste of them. As I type I still have about a dozen bags of them frozen that I still need to can.

One little trick at the sale is to look for the 4 pack that is labled "heirloom" pack. They have one red and one yellow brandwine with two other types. Sometimes they still have those when they have sold out of the other 4 packs.

Last year they sold out of pink old fashioned bleeding hearts, so I was pretty excited to get them this year!

Leitner Gardens in St. Paul also carries brandwines, but they go fast there too. If you want some, I'd look for them before next weekend.

Glad you had a good time. My first year, I was a little overwhelmed. The next year, I came with a plan..... Try the bulb sale in the fall too.

Today is half price day :-)

Craig & Ellen said...

I went on Saturday afternoon and found things rather picked over. I'm a gardening novice, though, so that was all right.

I wound up with some vegetables, a few herbs, and some funky "infrared" impatiens. I'm waiting on perennials until next year, after the house is painted and I've had a chance to do some planning. I'll definitely be back at this sale, though.

I also went to Linder's and bought 3 flats of 72 plain white impatien plants, just to put something in the front yard. Even I can't screw that up too much.


StuccoHouse said...

I was there at about 1:00 on Friday. A few things were sold out and a few things were running low (heirloom tomatoes). This is their second year at the Fair grounds....I wonder if they are still trying to figure out how many plants to order and what size crowds they will have.

They do have some fun funky plants. I am a total garden newbie too. Reading their catalog has helped me a lot. This year I have some confidence that I won't kill things :-)

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