Friday, May 19, 2006

The Last Frontier

This past week I explored the last of the uncharted territory of my house. The space behind the knee wall drywall and the unfinished portion of the attic.

This project took me a while because: 1) I had other projects going on everywhere that were more fun; 2) I needed to have another person there while I ventured into this dark abyss. Because, honestly, if the Boogie Man lives in my house - it is either in the knee wall space or the dark creepy closet below my basement stairs. I needed someone available to call 911; and 3) I get irritated every time I go back there and have to face all of the insulation that the PO installed vapor barrier up.

The reason for exploring this territory was two fold. First, to put down some poison on the chance that mice were able to make it up there. Secondly, to finally pull out the windows that showed up hiding behind the drywall during the infrared reading of my upstairs in my energy audit. Yup, the PO just put up the drywall and sealed up anything that happened to be stored there.

I had convinced myself that the windows were actually the missing storm windows to my three casement windows in the sunroom.

My roof is kind of odd in that it has two side gables and one forward gable. In order to reach that dead space, we needed to go into the forward gable unfinished attic space and remove some of the old knee wall boards from the finished attic space running the other direction. If you can't picture it, don't worry - its not key to the plot line.

We got a few of the old boards pulled up and I had to squeeze myself down into the dead space. It was one of those moments where you loudly sing "lalalalalalalala" in your head to keep your mind from thinking. Once I got down in the space, I quickly arranged the items in there to pull out of the hole. The photo looks a whole lot more cheerful than it really was - keep in mind the flash lightened things up a whole bunch. It was hot, dark, dirty and creepy.

When I was safely out of the space, I inpected the loot. There was a patch of maybe 30 boards of old maple flooring (ironically, I just bought some replacement boards last week). Where this was taken from, I still can't figure out.

There was also one French door.

And another window that at first I thought was one of the storms for my basement windows, but upon closer inspection also appears to be a door (it had a glass handle and one of those cabinet clips on the inside). The hinges don't match any of the window hardware in the house. A cabinet door or some sort of transom, perhaps???

No storm windows.

So, of course instead of solving the mystery of where the storm windows went.......we now have two more myseries. Were there built-ins upstairs? Why only one door - shouldn't their be a pair? Could this be from the shadow of a cabinet that was on the wall in the kitchen at one time? And how weird is it that they are painted the exact color that I am painting my windows as I refinish them?


Jocelyn said...

interesting finds for sure. I always find it kind of cool to claim these parts of a house- it's like real ownership warts and all.

We have a super-scary crawl space under our back porch that you couldn't pay me money to climb into. Mice or worse. heebie jeebies.

Karen Anne said...

I hate going under my house. I have almost no neighbors, so no one to stand guard :-)

"maybe 30 boards of old maple flooring" Maybe it was scavenged from a house that was torn down. When the little bungalows in my old neighborhood were town down (arghh), neighbors with old houses including me would scavenge parts including the flooring in case they needed patches for their own bungalows at some point.

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