Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Siding

I have mentioned before that the stucco on my house was painted by a previous owner. He made some odd mixture of paint & cement and sprayed it on. In some places it is now coming off in layers. For the past three years, I have been looking for a solution. I have known that it probably will not be pleasant or cheap to fix it.

This past week I got a flyer on my front doorstep from a company that does liquid, vinyl siding. The brochure said it was very inexpensive. Curious, I called the company and a guy came out that same day.

He said that they would be able to spray a liquid type vinyl over the existing stucco in any color that I wanted. This would form a waterproof seal that would last indefinitely. Their warranty is for 30 years. He showed me lots of photos of houses that they have already done in my city.

Because recoating my house would be a larger job for them, he also said they would throw in vinyl replacement windows for the first floor of my house at half price. Now I have already restored my bathroom window, but I'm getting tired of stripping the paint off those old things. And this guy gave me a lot of information about how the new windows would improve weatherproofing.

I was impressed. I asked him to put my house on his schedule and gave him a downpayment. I haven't decided about the windows, but I am leaning towards having him do those too. What do you think? Have you heard of this liquid siding product?


Patricia W said...

I've never heard of the liquid vinyl before your post but I don't have a stucco house so that might be why.

I was in the same boat as you on windows but several people from houseblogs told me I'd be making a huge mistake by replacing original windows with vinyl. Their argument: If your wood windows have lasted 100 years (even with some rot), a little repair and maintenance will have them lasting another 100 years. Vinyl on the other hand doesn't last nearly as long and isn't as easy to fix as a wooden window if something goes wrong or breaks. Also, they do change the look of the house. I have been so tempted to just say, okay, replace them, I'll have built-in screens, storm windows, etc but in the end I've decided to fix them one by one and keep them original. Cost-wise I will be saving a ton of money AND, old windows, when used with storm windows during cold weather are every bit as efficient as new double paned vinyl ones.

StuccoHouse said...

Ok, I was hoping for a litte more outrage & panic in my little April Fools day joke post;-)

No, no replacement windows or liquid siding in my future.

I tried to choose topics that generally give old house purists heart palpatations (vinyl windows, door to door salesmen, liquid siding).

If you ever read words like "gutted the plaster today"....."pulled out the old windows"....."put up the vinyl siding" on my Blog......know that a) I have been abducted and someone else is posting in my place and you should contact the authorities; b) I have serious brain injury; or c) it is a lame attempt at an April Fools joke ;-)

Thanks for the tactful post Patricia are SO right about old windows :-)

Tex MacRae said...

Allright, that's pretty funny. I just had to check the coments to see what housebloggers were saying about "liquid siding."

kris said...

Okay, I admit, there was a bit of outrage happening in our household when we read your april fools day post. When I started reading it, I ran into the room where Ron was, and yelled, "go read the stucco house post--she needs our help!!!" ahahahahaha!! It was a good one :-)

jm@houseinprogress said...

HOLY SMOKE! Thanks for giving me a heart attack. I'm a little behind on blog reading and I forgot all about April Fools.

I'm going to lie down now.

StuccoHouse said...

teehee ;-)

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