Saturday, April 15, 2006

My New Best Friend The Gas Meter

Yesterday I blogged about a natural gas leak I had in my basement. Tonight, I'm posting pictures of my gas meter, etc. It will give you a visual :-) Of course, if you see something amiss, feel free to let me know.

The meter looks to be kind of new (to my untrained eye). I have one of those newfangled systems that calls in my reading using my phone in the wee hours. I only know this because a few months after I moved into my house all of a sudden my bills went up dramtically and they were labled "estimate." When I called to ask what this all meant, I was told the system was malfunctioning and I needed to have a battery changed.

The meter is against the basement wall parallel to the street. There seems to be a cruddy old pipe that carries the gas in at the bottom. And there is a flexible plastic tube that carries fumes (?) out to a little vented hole in the basement wall. There are two old pipies running out of the top of the meter and I suspect these carry the gas to the rest of the house. The whole thing appears to be held up by metal strapping.

The leak this time was at the old cruddy pipe running into the house. The gas company guy tightened the connection and the leak stopped. But this is the second leak in three years from that spot. Is the pipe running from the street to my house my responsibility or the gas company's.....or does this depend on the city you live in? Anyone? Anyone?


SmilingJudy said...

I would guess that it's like water and sewer -- if it's on your property before it meets the main line, then it's your responsibility. I wish my meter was in the basement instead of on the back patio. :(

Ron said...

Hmm, this looks just like the set up in our house. The meters aren’t that old in a relative sense (20-30 years). The piping to the street looks to be original or close to it. I don’t know for sure whose responsibility the line from the street is. I know that the water and sewer is your responsibility from the street to the house, but I seem to recall that Minnegasco might take care of the piping right up to the meter. All the new meters are being placed outside just for the reasons you have discovered. You may be able to request having your meter moved outside and they may do it.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the business for almost 30 years. The piping up to AND including the meter are the responsibility of the gas company. You can spray all the piping connections with some soapy water and look for bubbles to find any leaks. If you have any other questions .... starztruck4u@aol

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