Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flaky Contractor

Dang-nam-it. Dangnamit.

Back in January I started getting bids to have my front doorstep replaced. For reasons spelled out in this post (I can't mention them again here without getting all freaked out again), I wanted to get this replacement done the moment the snow left the ground and the temp. was high enough for concrete to cure. The contractor agreed. He understood.

I called the contractor back in Feb. and told him he had the job. So, why is it now the end of April and I have no new steps? The contractor is flaking out.

I am never able to get this guy on the phone cell or office. He returns calls 3 days later. Last I heard from him I was on his calendar for today and he would "touch base." Well, that touching of base never happened.

I'm sure this is a small job and he's shuffling it around job that will make him more $$. The funny thing is that if he ever actually talked to me he'd find I decided to also replace the sidewalk running down the side of my house. So in the end, maybe this isn't so small of a job.

Dangnamit. Now I am once again calling concrete contractors trying to get a bid. But, of course they are now busy doing jobs they bid back in Jan. Crap.

If for whatever reason they are not going to do the project, why don't contractors just say so? This would give the homeowner the chance to go out and find someone that wants the work. This just ticks me off. Really, really ticks me off.

All this and there is a dead squirrel laying out back by my trash bins that at some point I'm gonna have to shovel into a bag and into the trash. Maybe I'll hope for a racoon to carry it away. I'm thinking this weekend is gonna stink.

If anyone has the name of a good concrete contractor that works in the Twin Cities, I'm all ears.

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