Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Snow, White Paint & Mailboxes

Yesterday we got pummeled by snow. 11" when it was all said and done. My electricity was down most of the day.

This whole situation was a bit cruel because the week before we had actually hit 50 degrees and the tiniest bit of Spring fever was starting to hit. I had even called my concrete guy in the hopes of getting my front step project on his calendar. I'm not sure why, but every year we fall for this. Then comes the state basketball tournaments and we get hit by a "tourny" blizzard. It happens almost every year, and every year we (by this I mean almost every resident of the state of MN) fall for it once again. Good grief, we even have a name for this annual snowstorm and still, it takes us by surprise.

So, I dug out my front walkway and my car. It was a wet & heavy snow. The kind that looks so pretty on the branches of trees, but also causes them to snap off. This means you have to go around to all of your plants and shake the snow off their branches.

My electricty was still down by mid-afternoon and many of my clients had a snow day. I spent some time painting my upstairs. White paint over a bad yellow & gold sponge paint job. I'll spare you the "as the paint dries" details....except to say, I managed to choose the wrong shade of white. In the end, I will need to put on another coat of a different "shade" of white. More on this later.

I also got a chance to do a little more research on finding a new mail slot. I've been looking for one on and off for the past couple of years. When they replace my front steps, I will need a new mailbox (my current mailbox is a monstrosity that is attached to the stairway railing). The plan is to put a mail slot in the wall on the left side of my door.

Recently, I ran across one that seemed perfect (brass with "mail" stamped on the face), but as I read the specs. discovered it had a flap that swung inward without a spring. This nagged at me. I have a lot of squirrels in my yard and I could see one of them figuring out how that little flap worked and using it as his own little "pet doorway." It's been established that I don't do well with wildlife in my house. So, the search continued.

At long last (who would have thought it would be so difficult?) I found two other promising options. Both of these have flaps that lift upward rather than swing inward. What do you think? The one on the left may be a bit Victorian for my house, but I really like it.


Sean said...

Where did you find the first mail slot you pictured - the one without the spring? It looks PERFECT for our house. (Our Mailbox is built into one the porch columns, so the Wildlife concern is not an issue)

StuccoHouse said...

Mailboxes.com I think that is the manufacturer's site....and they have the best price that I was able to find. It is style 4075A. I'll warn you though that their customer service is not great. When I tried to contact them via the email on their website, they totally ingored my first 3 emails..asking if the flap went inward.

Saple said...

Believe me after watching the squirrels in our yard if they can figure out it opens in they can also lift the lid to go inside. They are smart little buggers.

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