Friday, March 03, 2006

False Start(s)

Lesson learned. Optimism has no place in blogging.

A couple of weeks ago, I gushed about Rejuvenation. I had called them about some hardware that they carried that matched a vintage set of bathroom fixtures I had. I gave them the product info. and they were going to send me the hardware. I was terribly excited.

The hardware arrived. It was the wrong stuff. I am able to tell them the product they sell that uses the hardware I need, so I'm not sure why it has become so difficult. Anyway, I called back...thought maybe I could email them a picture of what I need.....haven't heard back from them. That was over a week ago. Sigh.

Then I posted with a promise to show photos of my newly replated bathroom hardware. Well, three weeks ago I picked up my hardware stash from the plating company. It was all shiny and once again I was terribly excited. When I got it home and took a close look at it....I noticed the majority of the pieces had spots where the new plating was missing or chipped edges (although, in fairness my register vent turned out quite nice). So, back to the plating co. they went. The guy there told me they would be done Tues......Tues. when I went, he told me next, still no call telling me they are done.....sometime next week, I hope. Sigh.

My new rule is: Post about something only after it has arrived and sucessfully installed.


Ron said...

Sorry to hear about your problems. Who did you end up using for the plating?

StuccoHouse said...

I used J&D Plating in St. Paul. I found them in the phone book and a poster on a previous post had mentioned that they also used them. I'm sure my stuff will turn out fine in the end - it was just a bit of a disappointment to get home and not be able to use it immediately. I'll post photos & prices once I get the whole batch back. I think they will look quite nice when they are done.

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