Friday, February 17, 2006

Standing Ovation

My bathroom has black and white tile. As I restore the bathroom, my dream has been to find black ceramic accessories to hold towels, soap, tp, etc.

A few months ago, I spotted a black ceramic towel ring on clearance at Rejuvenation. I had wanted vintage pieces, but I know that towel rings are a newer thing, so I decided to order it. When I got to the ordering page of the website, it indicated that only a brushed nickel ring was available. I wanted shiny. So, I experimented to see what would happen if I submitted an order for the shiny nickel/black ceramic towel ring. Worst that could happen is that I'd get a disappointing note telling me they were out of stock.

Well, I was quite pleased a few days later when my black ceramic towel ring arrived.....with a shiny nickel ring. Score one for Rejuvenation.

Fast forward a few weeks and you find me at an antiques store in LaCrosse, WI. I had just purchased an entire set of vintage black ceramic bathroom fixtures. A tp holder, two towel bars, a soap holder and a cup holder. Yippie! They were missing their hardware, but how hard could that be to find. Right?

Turns out, that the old wall fasteners are very hard to find. As a last ditch solution, my local hardware store had sold me metal plates that I needed to cut down with a hacksaw before attaching to the wall.

Then it dawned on me. Would the hardware from the Rejuvenation fixtures fit my vintage set? Yup, they did.

So, I called Rejuvenation and told them my tale of woe. The Customer Service person contacted the Hardware guy and he hunted down some hardware for me. The Customer Service person called me back to tell me that they were sending out 2 sets of hardware to me free of charge. Then if I needed more....and they were the correct size.....I could just give them the product number when I called back to order more.

In this day and age where customer service has virtually disappeared.....and we often find ourselves to be the only one saying "thank you" (my pet peeve) at the cash register.......when we receive good customer service it deserves to be recognized and applauded.

These Rejuvenation folks are no fools. They know that good customer service will have them on the short list when it comes time for me to buy my bathroom, bedroom and front doorstep lights (I already bought my diningroom light from them).

Anyway....round of applause for Rejuvenation.


sheila hurlburt said...

great to hear about excellent customer service... verizon should learn a few lessons from them!


Gary said...

Those wonderful people at Rejuvenation sent me a 2006 catalogue which arrived in the mail today! Porn for housebloggers!

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