Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Looking Over My Shoulder

Every now and then, usually when I am really bored, I'll pull up the crime reports for my neighborhood. I like to see where the most recent smashed car window, etc. is happening.

Much to my surprise when I pulled up the crime alerts, there was one outlining a number of armed hold ups in my neighborhood. Armed hold ups! One of these "incidents" happened on a block not far where there are a bunch of little kids play outside almost every day. Evidently, young men (15-20 yrs) pull guns on people as they enter their house from the street and demand money. They say the victims may have been followed (my guess is from a nearby gas station or our scary Cub & Target which I no longer frequent).

This neighborhood is generally safe...middle class....a nice mix of older folks that have lived in their houses for years and mostly younger singles or families. We have garage breakins and smashed car windows.....but not violent crimes. I take walks, ride my bike and work in my garden and so do my neighbors. Having said that, there are parts of the city not that far away that are somewhat scary. Seems like they are venturing to our little corner.

There has been much discussion about the money that was pulled away from the Police under the current Mayor. There has also been much discussion about how, under past administrations, a "New York City approach" was taken putting emphasis on snuffing out the "little" crime and as a result eliminating the bigger crimes. The approach now differs significantly (see past posts about my identity theft and garage break in). It seems to me that I am now seeing the effects of this. Yikes.

I will admit to you, that today while shoveling snow.....I watched each car that passed by hoping it wasn't a dark, late model SUV with tinted windows. Not a good feeling.


John said...

One of my wife's great-uncles lived in one of the worst neighborhoods in Little Rock (where I went to high school too). In the 1950's when he moved in, it had been a very nice middle class neighborhood. By the 1980's it was all ghetto. In the early 90's when I was there, we always made it a point to get off campus before dark. Eight kids got killed our freshman year, so you didn't want to hang around.

My wife's great-uncle took to cleaning his shotgun on his front porch and waiving at everyone that passed by. No one ever, ever bother him.

It might not be your style, but I always got laugh out of the story and it seemed to work.

StuccoHouse said...

Well, here's to hoping that waving shotguns on the front porch doesn't become a regular thing in my 'hood. But, if comes to that....I guess I could hold my own (although I'd need to get my front step done before I could sit out there :-) This afternoon the Police issued a "here's what we are doing about this....and it won't stop until we catch someone" alert. So, at least this has grabbed someone's attention. The people here are pretty active in maintaining their houses and the livability of the neighborhood...I can't imagine too many of them will sit quietly on this.

Greg said...

Any dead rats? I've had this dead rat problem this week. maybe it's just a local thing.

StuccoHouse said...

No, no dead rats. A dead mouse, but that's of my own doing. Your rat-on-the-hood-of-your-truck story has kept me quiet entertained. My neighbors are pretty mild in comparison (but at my old house I had a similar numbskull living next door to me).

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