Monday, February 20, 2006

Everyday Drudgery

Not all of the work one does in restoring their old house is glitz and glamour. Sure, there are days that you get to post photos of your newly glazed windows and the amazing wood you found once your old doors were stripped of their 63 layers of paint. And on those days, you get "oohs and ahhs."

Most days, however, are filled with small, dreary, little projects that in the long run will make your house more livable. But they are of little or no interest to anyone other than you.

I've made it a point to try to accomplish one house task (no matter how small) every day. I figure at the end of a year, 365 small - and sometimes large - tasks will make my house a better place to live. Besides, psychologically it just makes you feel like you are keeping things moving.

So in that spirit, this past week I spent a few hours removing the impossible-to-remove glue that the former owner put on the edge of the 1920's wall sink in the kitchen to hold up her sink "curtain" with velcro. I also painstakingly pulled apart and cleaned each piece of the "innards" of the stove left to my by the same previous owner. Let's just say, this had not been done in a good while....and was done in preparation for the day I get to sell it and buy the stove of my dreams.

Probably not post worthy, but part of old house ownership.

1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

I know what you mean. These things make a house a "home" in my opinion.

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