Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Calculating Concrete Costs

Well, its been a busy week. Having to sort through the piles of Valentines I received.....laying on my couch willing my Olympic athletes to win.....and learning all of the judging rules to sports that up to this point I couldn't have cared less even existed. Yes, I am exhausted.

That said, I received the first bid for replacing my front door step. Drum roll please.

To remove the existing concrete, install rigid insulation & wire mesh and repair the foundation hole (take that you mice), and then pour a tinted, exposed aggregate step would be $2100. Keep in mind this is a big step (40" x 8.8')

If I want to add a 2 foot tall 10" thick "curb" on either side of the top step add $1075.

To have said curb run down the length of the new and existing stairs on either side add $975.

I actually think this is a pretty good bid (although I'm surprised at how much contrete work costs). This company has an excellent reputation and the owner (who came out to bid) seemed to be very knowledgable, trustworthy and easy to work with. I have a strong suspicion that this bid is right in the ballpark.

I still have some time before they can actually do the work (it's 9 degrees here today), so I'll probably get one more bid. I also still have to ask my neighbors if I can get a copy of an old photo they have of the front of my house (their aunt lived across the street many years ago) to see what the entryway looked like originally.


merideth said...

sigh. we have so much concrete work we need done and your numbers are right in the zone i'm expecting to see.

I'm actually trying to get more info on mudjacking to see if we can save our partially sunken steps rather than tear them out.

concrete prices have soared this year (along with all building materials prices) due to the rebuilding needs post-Katrina

good luck with your steps!

derek said...

Sounds like good prices, there's a lot of labour involved. I did a 40' long retaining wall a couple years back, between 2 and 5 feet high, and it cost me around $1500. About half for materials, and half for concrete. I can't imagine what it would have cost to have it done.

StuccoHouse said...

Concrete work is so unrewarding for the money. This new step will be paid for with money earmarked for my kitchen ceiling (I pay as I go). People don't get nearly as excited (me included) when you show them your new front step as they would seeing a new tin ceiling in your kitchen. Oh well.

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