Thursday, January 05, 2006

Work in Progress

A few months ago (ok, last summer) I found a little, ugly telephone stand for sale at a local shop. It was cheap. $28. It was really, really ugly. But it was also really, really solid. I sensed there might be a treasure underneath all of the paint. Lovely, faux woodgrain, brown paint....I might add. Topped off with some cheesy brass drawer pull and a heart shaped door ring. So, I bought it.

I've spent some time over the past few months stripping off many layers of paint. I've been doing this in between other things, so the progress has

At any rate, I'd thought I'd show pics of what I have discovered thus far.

I had expected to discover oak underneath all of the paint. This little stand weighs a ton. What has surprised me is that the stand appears to have been originally stained red and green. The base, red. The door & drawer, green. It's not paint, but stain. Kind of cool. A little Mission; a little Folk Art. It also appears to have been handmade.

This humors me a little because those colors fit right into my house. My living room is green, amber and red. My dining room is amber & green. My kitchen is green and red (I have a thing about one color from each room carrying into the next room). The little stand will most likely hold my phone in my dining room.

As you can tell, I still have some paint stripping to do. I've found stain that match the original colors to even things out. I've also replaced the hardware.

I'll post again when I finally finish the piece.

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Greg said...

Very, very nice.

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