Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Music, Motown and Motivation

I have been slow to post about some of my most recent house work. There is a reason I have been delinquent.

I am in love.

In love with my new ipod.

Over the past year, I have read numerous posts from other housebloggers talking about how they cheerfully and efficiently finished countless house projects happily listening to their ipods. I became convinced that this was the key to continued progress on my own house. Whistling while I worked, so to speak.

So, I ordered one. Free shipping and engraved with my name ;-) A thing of beauty.

Since it's arrival, my primary goal in life has been to fill it with music. Every waking, free hour has been devoted to the singular task of going through my cd collection and ripping songs to upload on The ipod.

Not a small task as my cd collection numbers around 500. I like just about any type of music (except rap). I've uploaded nearly 1000 songs, and I still have 58 GB of free space. 58 GB; this makes me laugh. This thing is bigger than my last computer.

Sorting through my cds has also been quite interesting. Before I moved, they were in alphabetical order (thanks to a detail oriented friend). But they were thrown into a box when I moved and now are in total disarray.
I've had a little walk down memory lane with some of the albums (Doobies, Fleetwood Mac, Stones, Kinks, Miguel Rios, Bob Marley). Been amused by others (Michael Bolton - what can I say?). And have been outright alarmed at stumbling upon others (Bobby Brown - when on earth did that happen?).

To date, a nice variety from ABBA to ZZ Top has been uploaded. And there is some evidence that it actually WILL motivate me to do some more work on my house. I regrouted my shower singing at the top of my lungs to The Carpenters, finished the last coat of paint on my bathroom window grooving to the Doobies (as an aside - who in the 70's would have seen a Christmas album in Michael McDonald's future?), and stripped an antique telephone stand to My Sharona.

Then comes music videos, tv shows and audio books....

And if you are reading from the IRS....the very next thing on my list of uploads would then be files and files of work documents ;-)


Josh said...

Serious iPod envy here... maybe I should try to convince Ms. Bungalow that I need an iPod for musical motivation while I strip paint, etc.

So in future posts, if you would be sure to indicate how critical the iPod was to your progress, I'd sure appreciate it. *wink*


StuccoHouse said...

Josh - Anything to help out a fellow bungalow owner ;-) I'll try to gush whenever possible.

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