Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Room with a View

I own a small consulting company. This time of year gets quite hectic as clients hand off work that needs to be done before they leave for Christmas vacations. Good for business. Not so good for accomplishing anything around the house.

This combined with the fact that I got a little overly ambitious last fall when refinishing my windows, I needed to order replacement sash pulleys, and the whole mice debacle distraction......has left me with an upstairs window that is completely without a sash. It has a less-than-effective aluminum storm window, and that's it.

Not a big deal until you consider I live in Minnesota. Last week saw tempetures of -11 degrees. To add to the drama, my bed is less than 4 feet away from that window.

How am I still alive you ask?

3M shrink plastic weatherproofing. No lie. This stuff really works. The window is airtight. I put the plastic over the little crooked curtain and all. Granted not the most energy efficient situation, but surprisingly my energy usage (and bills) have been less than last year. Go figure.

I am pretty sure a 3M endorsement deal is on it's way..........


HomeImprovementNinja said...

Hey! I know it's not historically accurate, but I saw on an AskThisOldHouse episode where they installed this thing in the window instead of the sash & lead weights. It's got a rope, but it's connected to some small mechanism like a flywheel or spring, which creates tension, but doesn't take up all the empty space in the sash area (which you can then fill up with insulation or expanding foam).

I figure that since it looks exactly the same from the outside, it's a good thing to do. (I hate those stupid lead weights).

Greg said...

I may have to look for that stuff. It does’t get as cold here as in your neck of the woods, but a few of my upstairs windows are sooooo bad that it might be worth it. I’ll also add that if 3M doesn’t want you as a spokes person I’ll take the job. That is one of the few large corporations that I can honestly say I like. They really make some good products. They’re very innovative and it doesn’t seem like they rush crappy products to market in hoping to make a quick buck

StuccoHouse said...

Have to agree that 3M has come up with some amazing products. They could have stopped after Thinsulate & Post-it Notes and I would have been content.

One of those Minnesota companies (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. - for those needing a little trivia in their lives) that made it big. Have to root for the hometown guys (and gals)!!

StuccoHouse said...

Ninja - Replacing the pulleys was a PIA, but I am one of those purists who likes the feel of the rope moving up and down ;-) Good news is that that is the only window that needs the pulleys replaced.

I actually saw the tension bars that you mentioned on a quick trip to Menards yesterday. No springs, but they are bent pieces of metal that push against the sash and keep it open. My aluminum storm windows work on the same principal.

Aaron said...

I use the 3M shrink wrap too. I have the original windows and boy, do they leak air. After I get the window sealed up, my girls like to bang on the plastic like its a giant drum. (Actually, it is) I get a little agitated when they poke holes in the shrinkwrap, though.

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