Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Out in the Cold

I locked myself out of my house this weekend. It was one of those instances where you watch your hand pull the door shut, hear the lock click, and listen to your brain yell "nooooo" all at the same time. Then you try to push open the if this one time the lock didn't catch and you will be able to shove it open. Ha.

Luckily my neighbor was home and let me use their phone to call The Keeper of my extra key. Because The Keeper lives quite a ways away, I had some time to kill outside on my front doorstep (in 9 degree weather).

First I chatted up my neighbor to the south of me. We negotiated a deal where I will keep him supplied with homemade jams for the winter, and he will use his snowblower to clear my front sidewalk after the bigger snowfalls.

I was quite pleased with this little "jam for snow" deal I had struck, when my neighbor to the north happened to walk by. Still having some time to kill, I asked him if he remembered what my front doorstep looked like before the little wood platform was constructed (replacing this has become my new hot topic).

This neighbor is a wealth of information about my house - he knows what happened, when, by which owner, and what it looked like before. I was shocked when he told me there had been a little wood entryway by my front door. I didn't see this coming. Not by a long shot. An entryway. But it does explain some of the holes in the stucco above the door and why that stucco isn't painted. Another piece to the puzzle.

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Anonymous said...

You need a lockbox. Go to your neighborhood hardware store and get one of these:
I have one mounted in a discrete location on the side of my deck. I'll never be locked out again.

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