Saturday, December 03, 2005

Homeowner Denial

It's snowing here today. Nothing drastic, but a good few inches of pretty fluff. This is probably the most snow we have received yet this year. Come February, we would be loath to admit it.....but we get excited here on the first snow. We are, after all, Minnesotans. We were starting to worry that winter would never arrive.

With the first snow, all the neighborhood men get to pull out their new toys and finally put them to use. This morning found at least two of my neighbors hauling out their new 200 lb snowblowers to remove that 2" of snow from their sidewalks ;-) Then inspired by neighborly goodwill (and probably a need to see what their new toys will do full throttle), they also cleared the sidewalk for most of the block. Ah, the first snow.

I spent some time (freed up from not having to shovel) putting spruce tips in my front planter. This will be the full extent of my Christmas decorating.

After recent events, I plan to spend a few days in homeowner denial...pretending that I rent.

As a renter, today I will be making blueberry scones (from blueberries my parents helped my pick last summer in 95 degree weather up at their cabin) and blackberry cobbler (from backberries canned by an ex-bf's mother - that I have been hoarding in my cabinets for too long). Maybe I will spend some time online shopping for Christmas presents. A nearly perfect snowy afternoon activity, I think.

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