Friday, October 28, 2005

Twin Cities Bungalow Club

Welcome Bungalow Club members!

The Twin Cities Bungalow Club had a nice write up on bungalow bloggers in their quarterly publication the Small Home Gazette.

The current Gazette isn't available online, but is sent out quarterly to club members which makes the small membership dues more than worthwhile. They even offer an "out of area" membership.

The Gazette usually contains a nice article from the editor, as well as, reviews of new bungalow/old house books, information on the lastest Bungalow Club house tours, readers' questions, and a topical article (this month is "Lighting the Bungalow") with LOTS of local and national resources. Money well spent, I think.

At any rate, I have created links to the other blogs mentioned in the Gazette article for your surfing ease :-):

1929 Bungalow Blog
1912 Bungalow
House In Progress
Struggle In a Bungalow Kitchen

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