Friday, October 07, 2005

The Heat is On

There is nothing like a few nights of frosty temperatures to get a girl motivated to finish the restoration of her windows. Especially, when three of the windows currently on horses in the basement are from her bedroom.

Even my down comforter has its limits in keeping me warm.

I’ve been putzing with this project since last summer (2004) when I started my first window. I am not proud to admit that I discovered I would not freeze to death if I put up that 3M window shrink wrap plastic over the storm window….and kept that one window out all last winter.

This summer I found myself spending a lot of time trying to decide:
1) if I want to use ropes or chains,
2) if I should remove the pulleys and rehab them,
3) if Plexiglas should be used in the bathroom (I did, but for the record….a mistake),
4) if I should nail or screw the inside stops back on,
5) if the bottom edge of the sash should be inside (oil) or outside (latex) paint,
6) where the interior paint should stop…..if I plan on painting the exterior window wood next summer,
7) what to trim if the meeting rail doesn’t meet,
8) if I should install bronze spring in the window frame.

I am a bit of a perfectionist. I finally realized that if I change my mind next Spring….I just need to pull out a few pieces and change whatever it is I want to change. This took some of the pressure off ;-) I just need to get the lead out (a little old house pun) and get these windows done.

I went out and bought rope this afternoon. Will put the last coat of paint on the remaining sash tonight. Then I just need to track down some replacement inside stop strips. Finally need to paint the inside trim. Whew…..looks like I’ll be able to wind things down just as the first snow falls. And those windows…..they do look good.

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