Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Down Came the Rain

We had 6 to 9 inches of rain here last night. One wave after another of thunder, lightening, rain. There were cars floating, evacuations of houses by creeks, roads closed, news weathermen in a frenzy and generally a big mess that is still being cleaned up today.

I, however, am proud to report that my three year compaign of cleaning gutters, adding downspouts, regrading soil, planting and foundation caulking, foundation caulking, foundation caulking (did I say foundation caulking?) and general bargaining with God has paid off.

Although, I must admit to being nervous around midnight when I saw water rushing over the street curbs.

Except for a very faint shadow of moisture along one particularly problemsome basement is dry! Hurray!


Anonymous said...

Hurray Hurray I am glad somebodies is

StuccoHouse said...

Bummer if your basement flooded :-( I stopped by Menards today to pick up a dehumidifier and they were sold out (of course, mine broke two days before the storm). The guy said shipments were selling out as fast as they were coming in. Sound like a lot of people are dealing with water. I'm actually pretty shocked I stayed in the past I've had water in with a lot less rain then we saw this time. I have been working on this ongoing....

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