Monday, September 19, 2005

One if by Land....

I spent this past week in Boston. There is nothing like a city celebrating 375 years to put a little perspective into what actually should be considered an old building. Turns out my 80 year old house is a relative baby.

After work each day, I'd rush out to tour the Freedom Trail and other sights in the city. I was staying at the Parker House (oldest continuously operating hotel in the US) I had some fun considering that Malcom X, Ho Chi Minh, JKF, Charles Dickens, Longfellow, Thoreau or Hawthorne may have walked down the same hallway as me (yeah, I was an English major).

I'll spare you the complete tour, but there were two items I will mention for other old house owners.

1) Paul Revere's house (The small green building). Built in 1680; bought by Revere in 1770 and sold in 1800. It was bought in 1902 to be saved from the wrecking ball. Debate raged for the next 5 years over to which century the building would be restored. The period in which it was originally built.....or the period in which its most famous resident lived in it. The 17th century won out and the third floor added by Revere was removed. Some things never change, huh?

2) The Old Corner Bookstore. You could spot me on the tour. I was the one checking out the window glazing putty technique and taking pictures of the wavy glass. Anyone that has worked on restoring their own windows will understand this preoccupation. Very cool. Oh yea, and some of the most famous authors this country has ever seen also frequented the place.

Ended my stay in Boston by meeting up with my college roommate and her three daughters for pizza in the North End. Fun week.

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