Friday, September 09, 2005

I Did a Bad, Bad Thing

I will start off by stating in my defense....I have made an effort since I moved in to meet and chat with on a regular basis.....those neighbors living on all sides of me.

I know the statistics. In neighborhoods where neighbors are active and know one another, crime falls. One way to get people involved is to have neighborhood get togethers. I know this and I agree with it. Besides, it's just nicer to live in a friendly atmosphere.

That's what makes this so shameful to admit. My neighborhood picnic is tonight. I can't force myself to go. The thought of walking across the street with a pan of brownies (which I blew off making this afternoon anyway) and making awkward small talk with my neighbors about their kids is just not my forte. I want to unequivocally state these people are perfectly lovely and this is all about me being the bad apple, not them. Although, I have noticed that the other neighborhood singles also seem to make themselves scarce during these, maybe I'm not totally alone in this.

Who knows. At any rate, for the record, I feel really bad and guilty. And I will have to slink around the 'hood this weekend holding my head down in shame (humming Chris Isaak - for those of you that recognized the title :-).


Jocelyn said...

I myself am terribly anti-social in a different arena- work-related get togethers. I always want to get the heck out of dodge after work and more time with the people I work with just never draws me.

I feel bad sometimes, but also usually it involves drinking and being a non-drinker, it's a dud for me at times.

I can understand avoiding the nuclear family scene too.

I love Chris Isaak too.

StuccoHouse said...

The wierd thing is that I'm usually pretty social. I can't explain it (I skipped the ice cream social this summer too). I have only myself to blame now if I can't find a neighborhood kid to shovel snow this winter.

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