Friday, August 05, 2005

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

StuccoHouse is contemplating getting a dog.

I am a low-key, big dog fan, I think (think black lab). However, the bungalow is more of a medium sized dog house, I think.

The StuccoHouse neighbors are definitely non-yippie dog types ;-) I also have allergies to animal hair, so a short hair breed is a must. And although I have a nice fenced in backyard, this dog would be a city dog.

Oh, and I have never owned a, it shouldn't be too fragile :-O


P.S. extra points to anyone that remembers the last part to the song in the title of this post.


Greg said...

I worked at the local PBS station for a few years and was forced to watch countless hours of "Wishbone" (...what's the story Wishbone...). Wishbone was a Jack Russell Terrier. I think that was the same type of dog as Eddie on Frasier. They looked a little different, though. Wishbone had very short "neat" hair, where are Eddie kind of had the frizzies. I've always been fond of medium to large dogs myself, but a Wishbone type dog would be fun to have around.

The McCords' said...

I know one verse says...
"i must make a trip to California
and leave my poor sweetheart alone,
if he has a dog he wont be lonely
and the doggy will have a new home."
chorus..."how much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggaly tail, how much is that doggy in the window, I do hope that doggy's for sale"
there is at least one other verse maybe two more.
Is that enough for bonus points??!
I think you do best with a mixed breed. They are usually hardier than the pure bloods.
Go for it!

Jocelyn said...

Oh, how exciting! We over at Chicago 2-flat are partial to the little critters. Terriers are alot of fun and super energetic. My suggestion is pick a dog that matches your lifestyle, which though it sounds obvious- many people don't do. Think about what you want from your dog too and pick a breed that suits that. But also dogs are very adaptable and change to meet our needs. They are such adoring souls. There truly is nothing like coming home to see these creatures that are just exploding with joy at your mere presence. Sorry if I'm being to gushy- I must be on a tear with that this week(see my blog).

Here's a website with some good info:

Anonymous said...

I do breed specific dog rescue for Wire Fox Terriers and I would recommend a terrier mix to anyone. Most terriers are not shedders (Jack Russels do shed) and so you will not be allergic. I have allergies and have always had non-shedders, so it is the way to go. Short or long - if they shed you will sneeze. Terriers are funny, loving, goofy and sturdy. Go to the humane society or call a local small dog rescue in MN. Most of the ones we have in rescue are house trained and we have a good understanding of what their personalities are like.

Good luck and I think a dog is a great idea and they are the best companions.

cristina said...

Bungalows and rescued dogs go together, IMHO. So many to choose from in the Twin Cities! There must be a perfect match for you somewhere. I volunteer at the Humane Society in Rochester ( and will have to keep my eye out for a nice, medium sized one. Though shelter dogs tend to be on the large size, I found 2 mid-sized lab/terrier crosses (one at a rummage sale, the other from a rescue) and have never regretted it. If you do go the shelter dog route, I would recommend one that has been living in a foster home. Better chance of getting a well socialized, happy, possibly even housetrained dog.

From what I understand, Jack Russell's, though very cute, tend to be an extremely high energy, stubborn, often hard to train breed. Nothing like Eddie!

Great blog, and I meant to thank you for your detailed kitchen tour descriptions, since I was unable to make it, AGAIN.


jm@houseinprogress said...

We adopted Coco (a chocolate Lab) when she was six and she has been the PERFECT dog behaviorally. No chewing, housebreaking, etc, etc. Came already grown up and ready to go. Adult dog adoptions rule. AND you know what type of personality you are getting. I would also recommend a rescue dog and would heartily recommend a mixed breed. They tend to have less health problems (because of cross-breeding). All of my family's dogs until Coco were mixed breeds. Coco's health problems are chronic and very expensive. Hip displaysia, chronic ear infections, airborne allergies, thyroid, needs a special dog food (because of food allergies).

Labs are good tempered but can be high maintainance. They have LOTS of energy and need a lot of long walks. They shed in tumbleweeds. Daily. They are a wonderful breed if you know you love dogs above things like, um, a clean kitchen floor. :)

StuccoHouse said...

Wow - thanks for all the great advice! I've checked out all of the websites provided. Sounds like a mixed breed terrier is right up my alley. The pgaa website was very helpful as it listed dogs by weight, shedding, activity level. Very cool - thanks a bunch.

Cris - How cute are those dogs in the photos at I am totally in love with Jenny (Hannah), Bogey & Noble (how adorable is he?!). Absolutely send me an email at if you think any those little guys have potential...or if another possibility comes in. I could use an excuse for a little road trip.

JM - Yea, a lab is too much dog for me...and my kitchen floors :-)

Greg - Was there any more cool dog than Eddie? Maybe Lassie, but is is close.

And....the McCords got mugoo brownie points for knowing the verse & refrain! I used to have that song on a 45 when I was little and listened to it endlessly.

Jocelyn said...

I just had to mention "Asta" from The Thin Man movies- does anyone remember that dog? He was a terrier too. And then there's Toto of course. They are such zany dogs full of heart is how I've heard them described- aptly.

Anonymous said...

Asta from the Thin Man was a Wire Fox Terrier - know the breed VERY well. Have one of my own and am currently fostering another. He is going to his new home this coming weekend and I am experiencing some separation anxiety - not sure I am ready to let him go! He has been with me since May and I it is going to be tough to say goodbye...

StuccoHouse said...

Never saw the Thin Man....will have to rent it one of these days. I certainly can see how a person can get attached to one of these little fellows. Anonymous, here's to hoping your foster Wire Fox Terrier finds the perfect home and lives happily ever after :-)

~ Lori said...

Labs are great dogs. Very loyal and lovable too. Jack Russells are adorable, but can be extremely high strung! Probably not the best for a 1st time dog owner. I've always found mutts make the best dogs.

lawmom said...

One word--labradoodle. I'm generally not a fan of bred dogs--we've always gotten rescue dogs. But I have friends that have gotten labradoodles (cross between lab and poodle) and they are nice sized, are pretty good if you have allergies b/c they don't shed, and seem to have good personalities. Just a thought.

nadja and sean said...

Hey- I'm just following the "pet"
posts, so I don't know how far you've gotten in making your decision- one thing that may help, though, is a trip to the Minnehaha Falls dog park (you get there from the south end of the park, off 54th St and Hiawatha). It's a HUGE off-leash area and every kind of dog imaginable visits there, and owners are quite willing to chat about their breeds and experiences. Then you get to see for yourself!

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