Friday, August 19, 2005

Hardware Stores - The Real Deal

I stopped by the local hardware store yesterday to get glass cut for a window I am restoring. I've been stripping my 80+ yr old windows down to bare wood, reglazing them, repainting, adding new sash rope, and reinstalling (more on this later). Anyone that has tackled this project (or any other, for that matter) knows that your local, old fashioned hardware store can be your best friend.

I frequent 4 hardware stores in town:

Falls Hardware Hank - Is probably my favorite. It is a tiny hole in the wall with shelves stacked to the ceiling. It is a hangout for retired tradesmen. I've lucked out on trips there when a retired plumber and and a retired electrician were there to hold my hand and walk me through projects beyond my skills. They know old houses here. They even fixed my broken keychain there for free while I waited for my glass to be cut :-)

Grand Avenue Hardware - I could spend a day here just looking at stuff. They have a housewares section (which carries my beloved canning jars) and a hardcore hardware section. 2 floors. After searching high and low, I was able to find the allusive asbestos testing kits here.

Bayers Do It Best - I went in there a while back to buy a mouse trap. Not even the hint of a snicker crossed his face when I told him it needed to be instantaneous, bloodless and able to be scooped up from a distance with a shovel and tossed. He found me just the thing and sent me on my way.

Olson Hardware. Family run. Excellent service. They spent almost an hour brainstorming with me one day about where I could get a vintage stove rehabbed. They always have what I need or will order it.


Trissa said...

They all sound like great places! There's nothing like a great old hardware store & I agree about the wonderful help and advice you can get.

merideth said...

Same goes for us. Our little hardware store "Laurel Hardware" was not, until recently, open on Sundays which forced us to go to Home Depot 1 day of the weekend. Happily, they've changed their hours so no we only need go to HD for lumber. Hooray for small hardware stores!

ps. we feel your window pain(yes, pun intentional)

StuccoHouse said...

Anyone that is working on double hung windows would get a chuckle out of this. Ran to HD to find sash cord. Didn't find it, so I asked the Orange Vest. Looking me straight in the eye, she told me that when cords broke, they recommended replacing the window w/ a vinyl one. Huh. I guess that is one route.

Greg said...

"When the cord breaks switch to vinyl"

Unbelievable - or maybe it isn't. I wonder if this person was just stupid or was she trying to make salesperson of the year. Would she try and tell you to remodel your kitchen if you needed a washer for the faucet?

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