Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Green Acres

My garden this year has needed more attention than most small children. No exaggeration. The people at the local garden store now openly laugh at me when I come in. There is no more polite stifling their snickering. They insist it is not me.....just bad luck.

raccoons, squirrels, slugs, squash vine borders........if locust lived in my part of the country, I am sure they would be just over the hill.

This week my pumpkin vine, my acorn squash vine, my zucchini and my cucumbers have developed a severe case of Powdery Mildew. It has also spread to my phlox and my lilac bushes (which surround my entire yard). Powdery mildew forms a white powdery coating on all of the leaves.......and grows a kind of white fur on the top of the soil.

Not quite as bad as the squash vine borers, but pretty unattractive none the less.

I'm tempted to just let the whole thing die at this point. But, as luck would have it there is a pumpkin and 4 acorn squash on the end of those vines. And for some damn reason, I can't let them die. Not like this.

So, off I went to the local garden shop to get advice and MORE chemicals. Of course, this is tricky because we can't use anything that would harm the fruit. They pointed me to a spray. I plunked down my money and I was off. I spent the afternoon, yes the entire afternoon, spraying down those leaves - top and bottom.

Then suspiciously, I sneezed. Then I sneezed again. And again. It dawned on me too late that mildew (a form of mold) would trigger my rather bad allergies. It's that horrible feeling when you are at the very top of the rollercoaster and about to go down the other side really fast......

Anyway, a few days have now passed and the vines are looking better. My eyes are no longer swollen shut and the hives have disappeared. The air purifier is humming quietly in the corner, and I am hopped up on Allegra, etc. Once again, all is well at StuccoHouse :-)

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