Friday, July 22, 2005

It's a Jungle Out There

My garden has made some progress in the past few weeks.

I am obnoxiously excited about the asparagus plants that appear overnight and the next morning stand about 4 inches tall. I am in for a long haul with these little fellows as it will be another two years before I can harvest them.

The tomato plants in this garden are now well over 5' tall and I've had to buy additional 7' stakes to keep them upright. They have me a little freaked as each plant (there are 9 in all) currently has 30-40 little green tomoatos hanging from it. I have my canning jars ready to go, but you know they will all come ripe at precisely the same moment on a Monday afternoon in 95 degree heat.

My beans are ripening and will be ready in a day or two and I have big plans to make them into neat little jars of lemon-rosemary pickled green beans. I pulled out some old fence pieces from my garage and nailed some netting to them..and the climbing beans seem to like it.

Then there is the zuke plant. For dinner last night I picked my first zuke and sauted it in onions and garlic with parmesan on top. Yum. Everyone has warned me that this plant is just warming up and soon I will have zukes coming out of my ears.

I'm new to gardening, so you will have to bear with me....and the things I think are interesting. But my acorn squash and pumpkin seem to have developed minds of their own and are now slowly crawling up my sidewalk towards my house. I keep thinking of that episode of Saturday Night Live where the shark is knocking on the door saying they are the pizza delivery guy. If one day, they find me missing and my back door open.....tell the police about the squash.

I've lived my whole life in the city, but I'm thinking I'd probably do ok as a farm girl. This is kind of fun.


SmilingJudy said...

When you can no longer force zukes on your friends and neighbors, shred it and freeze it. Then you'll have the makings for some great bread in the middle of winter. yum.

This is my first year growing a pumpkin also. I can't believe how crazy those things are.

StuccoHouse said...

Thats sounds like a great idea. How good would zucchini bread be in the middle of a MN winter! I also found a recipe for zuke relish that I'm anxious to try. I adore zucchini in tomato sauce. So, this has me pretty excited (yea, I know...I'm a geek).

ben said...

Wow, those sound like some excited vegetables. What do you use for fertilizer? If you have too much, try selling/trading at a local farmer's market. You might even pick up some old-timer tips!

StuccoHouse said...

lol...I'm afraid that this garden has survived in spite of me...not because of me. I did lay down a nice layer of compost after digging up the plot. That seems to have been a good thing. Other than that, it has been hot, hot, hot this year and the plants seem to like that.

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