Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Finding New Neighbors

The house across the alley from mine is for sale.  It has been for sale on and off for about a year.  I believe it is the owner’s second house and he is not overly anxious to get rid of the house unless the price is just right.  Fair enough.  It is a cute post war cape codesque house.  I suspect it is very well maintained.  I base this on a few observations:  1) that I have never seen the lawn not perfectly mowed. 2) This guy is out there the minute the last snowflake has fallen and has shoveled his driveway before I am even out of bed.  Both very good predictability factors, I believe, in how well the house on a whole is maintained.


The only thing… that it is painted a kind of odd gold color….nothing outlandish, but enough to make a buyer with limited imagination possibly pass.  However, the price…which was on the high end last year is now on the low end of the market.  Appreciation in this area is brisk.  I have no good answer as to why it has not sold.


The realtor occasionally plans an open house on weekends.  Often I have been out working in my backyard as potential buyers check out the backyard of this house.  A few have seen me and asked my opinion of things.  I give then the Cliff Note version of the neighborhood and my opinions of the house.


One day it dawned on me.  I can play a role in finding new neighbors for myself.  Huh.  Perhaps living next to a single, hunky electrician/plumber/landscaper is worth a little extra effort on my part.  Huh.  This put a whole new spin on things for me. 


So, now I have varying pitches that I give out regarding the house…based on how desirable the potential house buyer is.  If that realtor only knew ;-)

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