Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Different Point of View

Here is a short story about being a homeowner from a slightly different point of view.

This past weekend I was going to take my motorcycle out for a ride after a bit of a hiatus. When I pulled the bike out, I noticed that the tire air valve caps were missing. I thought about it for a few minutes and realized that somewhere there is a 16 yr old with almost new Suzuki chrome air valve caps on his off street bike. And I got to thinking, once again, about a little "situation" that I have had going for the past year.

Last summer an acquaintance came to my house to help me with my roof. He brought his teenage son with him. Nice kid. The son volunteered to mow my lawn for me while we worked on other stuff. Later that day, the son stayed at my house to watch TV while we ran some errands.

When we got back from running errands, I knew instantly upon walking into my house that something was amiss. I have this uncanny ability to notice when anything is out of place (it used to drive my college roommates crazy when we were in college and I could tell when they borrowed my clothes on the sly). I noticed drawers and cabinets in my dining room and kitchen had been opened. I also noticed the door to my bedroom was now open....the dvd player had been used.....there was scratches on my floor where the dog had followed....and it looked like my dressers had been gone through.

It's a strange feeling trying to figure out what is missing from your house. At the oddest moments, something will dawn on me. Oh, the Vin Diesel dvd is gone (lol...perhaps a blessing). Ah, the air valve caps are gone. Etc. I couldn't care less about most of those items. They don't mean anything to me (although I have spent a fair amount of time mentally inventorying things of sentimental value to me that were in those rooms). I've had to spend some time thinking about why this bothers me so much. This is a nice kid with some "issues", so it is fairly easy to get over that aspect. Beyond that, I think it's a change in the way you feel about how secure your house is.

For those of you that have read my blog for a while, you may remember that two Marshall Fields furniture delivery men (allegedly) stole my purse (and my identity) shortly after I moved into my house. My house and my life went into security lockdown after that happened. So, I've had a chance to think about this for a while....

As a homeowner you spend a lot of time and energy getting attached to your house and making it a cozy place to live. It's odd the things that can affect how you feel in and about your house and what a big and unexpected impact they can have on you.


Beth said...

Aw geez -- that just sucks. Having something stolen feels like a violation to me when it occurs. I'm glad nothing of sentiment was stolen from you, as that is hard to forgive.

Greg said...

I was the victim of ID theft last year or so. It was mild, and real damage, but it does make you think more about what information you give to whom. As for the kid, let's hope it is just a phase. Did you every find anything of real value missing?

StuccoHouse said...

I figure if I haven't discovered it missing by now, I can live without it. I think he was after "cool to a teenager" things instead of something to pawn.

As for the kid. He's fundamentally a great kid. Has had some crappy stuff happen that may have him acting out. It made me sad that when confronted he didn't admit it. I've lost touch with them so I don't have updates, but I really hope it was phase.

Yea, after ID theft, teen theft, and a garage break in since moving into my sense of trust has suffered a bit :-)

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