Thursday, June 23, 2005

So close, yet so far

The temperature hit triple digits here today.  Not much for those Southern folk, but those temps will wilt a Midwesterner fairly quickly.

I have an old 1920's gravity furnace.......and thus no central air.  This generally isn't a big deal....although my friends think I am crazy.  I haven't had central air in any place I've lived in since my parent's house.....and my memory of that has long since faded.

Cruelly, the previous owner of my house left a gigantuan window air conditioner in my upstairs attic.  We are talking big.  Very big.  As some point when work was being done in my attic, it was heaved into the closet space that has the attic access and there is sits.  I step across it to get to my clothes.....I even display shoes on it.

This thing is a monstrosity.  It is so big and heavy that I can't move it.  Not an inch.  I have spent many an hour laying on my bed....looking into the closet....trying to figure out which window this Titanic could have even fit into.  It's frustrating to have cool, crisp air just out of reach.

I've also spent many an hour trying to figure out how to get it out of the closet, down the stairs and out to the trash.  Other than taking a screw driver to it and removing it piece by piece....I honestly don't think it can be done.  As near as I can figure only an Act of God could have gotten that thing up the stairs....and only an Act of God will get it down.

That air conditioner must have sensed all of that hostility. 100 degree sat there and taunted me.  When it got quiet mid could hear it whispering "ceiling fans keeping you cool?"  Just plain mean.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.....and my plotting to get rid of that thing will double in effort.

Here is the beast (ignore the shelving currently holding shut the make shift attic insulated door). It looks a lot more benign sitting there in a photo.

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