Saturday, June 11, 2005

Screen Window Repair

 The weather here has changed in the past week or so.  It's still raining.  Raining and hot.  I figured it was time to replace my wood storm windows with my wood screens.  A previous owner replaced most of the storms/screens with those horrible aluminum triple tracks, but there are still 6 of the original wood storms & screens.

Last fall I spent a good chunk of time reglazing and repainting the wood storms. I was even able to track down those little numbered nails to put on the storm to indicate which window it belongs in.  This saves me from spending the better part of a day trying to figure out which storm window goes in which window.

So, I pulled out the wood screens from their storage place int he basement and cleaned them.

This is when the voices in my head started.  If you own and old house, you know all about these voices.

Voice #1:  "Geez, these screens could use a paint job. "

Voice #2:  "Let's just get them in the windows.  Its hot in here and we need a breeze."

Voice #1:  "Did you see the rotted wood and the missing corners?   We should really fix those. Its only gonna get worse."

Voice #2:  "OMG.  That's going to take SO long."

Voice #1:  "We can run over to the paint store and pick up some PC Woody petrifier and epoxy and have them fixed in no time.  They will look so much better."

Voice # 1 usually wins.

The photo above shows the screens mid-way through their repair. I put on one layer of two part epoxy goo to build up the repair.  Wait for it to dry and sand. Then I put on a second layer of goo to get the repaired spot up to the correct level.  Wait for it to dry again. Then I sand the whole thing to get nice crisp, square corners.  Once repaired, primed and painted....the epoxy should be undetectable.  And hopefully I won't have to address this issue again for a long, long time.


jmm922 said...

Yes, we don't care for the quick and temporary fixes here either. Your screens will last longer this way of course. I wish we had a few of those screens for our backporch.

stuccohouse said...

I was a little harsh in calling the aluminum storms "hideous".....they are ugly and they make a "fingernails on blackboard" sound when I open them.....but they are convenient in that they need no maintenance and are easy to open.  I really do like the original wood storms & woods, but they do take some work.  And mine are showing their 80 yr age......

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